Telescope Prostheses

Oral and dental health is a very important issue for people. And for this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment processes in oral and dental health. In addition to daily oral and dental care, everyone should go to a dental examination at regular intervals. Today we will talk about one of the most curious treatments among dental treatments.

Telescope prostheses are processes that many people often explore. These structures, which we call telescopic bridges or telescopic prostheses, are double-supported coverage restorations designed in accordance with your natural teeth to replace missing teeth. We get the best results in this treatment when we make it from primary or secondary precious dental alloys. However, if you want to be economical in this regard, you can also choose telescope bridges made from primary or dual crowns made by our dental laboratory. In the subheadings of our article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about this subject. Let us get started.

What Is the Difference of Telescope Prostheses?

Telescope prostheses differs from other prosthetic teeth at an important point. In this treatment, our lab produces a two-piece veneer for the top of worn teeth. We fix one of the parts firmly on the tooth in the mouth. This is a small thin cover. The second piece is attached to it. Thus, we fill the place of the lost teeth very carefully. A special advantage is that it can be easily developed in case more teeth are lost.

What is the Procedure Applied in Telescope Prosthesis?

We usually perform telescope prostheses when there are cases where the posterior molars are missing. 10 years after these prostheses are placed in the patient’s mouth, the probability of retaining all teeth is 80%. But the telescopic double crown system is a highly successful and versatile way to achieve long-term restoration of the partially edentulous jaw. Daily maintenance of this prosthesis is also very easy to put on and take off. Telescopic prosthesis systems as full arch reconstruction provides easy adjustment, modification, and release at low cost.

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Why Telescope Prostheses is a Necessity?

Telescope prostheses systems have been used in dental prosthetic treatments for many years. Since the first day of its use, successful results have been obtained in terms of both functional and aesthetic beauty. In addition to all these, with the development of crown systems, the use of telescopic system prostheses has become widespread day by day. Today, we successfully apply telescope prostheses to increase the vertical dimension of bones, fixation of jaw fractures, oligodontia microdontia, cleft palate and implant superstructure prostheses.

Along with the development of telescopic systems, their application areas have also been examined. Both the application principles and advantages and disadvantages are examined. And according to the results; It has been proven that telescopic prostheses provide a great deal of comfort to the patient in cases where fixed prostheses cannot be applied. With these prostheses, the force distribution is regulated to a large extent.

The regulation of the force distribution also ensures the protection of the teeth and surrounding tissues. This procedure, which we have been applying for many years in our clinic, restores the lost aesthetic and functional properties to the patient.

What are the Advantages of Telescope Prostheses?

The first among the advantages of the telescope prostheses is that it can close the interdental spaces. This prevents the teeth from slipping into the gap over time. In other words, deformities are prevented in the long term. If there are missing teeth in a row at the back of the mouth, these prostheses can also be placed in rows. At the same time, this prosthesis structure allows the teeth to be carried better and more comfortably. Besides being highly functional, they provide an expanded indication area. It is also aesthetically pleasing.

What are the Disadvantages of Telescope Prostheses?

Let us talk about the disadvantages of the telescope prostheses. First, let us talk about the need to follow a different hygiene method than other prostheses. These prosthetic systems are cleaned outside the mouth. So, you need to remove the bridge regularly.

Telescopic Protheses for Implants

Implant-supported telescopic denture is a dental prosthesis procedure supported by dental implants. In dentistry, we call the implants that support the prosthesis, abutment areas. This method is a pretty good alternative for missing teeth. This is a restorative dental option, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How Much Do Telescope Prostheses Cost?

Oral and dental health is very important. Therefore, everyone should be sensitive about this issue. The first step is to brush your teeth and use regular dental floss. But this is not enough. Although many dental diseases show symptoms, there are also cases that do not show symptoms. For this reason, it is necessary to go to a dental examination at regular intervals.

In addition to a dental examination, some procedures are also necessary. Telescope prostheses are also one of these procedures. And many people wonder how much this procedure costs. It is not possible to give a general and clear price here. If you want to get detailed information about this subject, you can contact us.


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