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Kemerburgaz Laminate treatment is a treatment application that means leaf tooth coating and allows people to achieve the aesthetic dental appearance they desire. Laminate veneer treatment procedures are a dental coating treatment application also known as leaf tooth coating by the community. It is a treatment application that is generally of great importance for aesthetic beauty and therefore preferred by users.

Kemerburgaz laminate treatment applications are applied to meet the smile designs that are suitable for the aesthetic beauty perception of many people or close to this beauty perception. Smile designs are the reason why this application treatment, which covers the tooth surface as a leaf, is generally preferred.

Unlike smile designs, Kemerburgaz laminate treatment applications have many advantages that it provides to its patients. These advantages provided to patients are among the factors that positively affect the preference of laminate veneer treatment application. With this dental veneer process, only the front surfaces of the teeth can be made by removing less material than the amount of material taken in a filling, and the desired tooth colour, texture and applications can be made.

Laminate (sheet) Ceramics

Leaf ceramics, i.e. laminated ceramic tooth coating application, is the technique of bonding a porcelain layer prepared in the desired colour, size and form with nail thickness to the front surface of the tooth. With this technique, people have the desired tooth colour, form, in short, the desired aesthetic tooth appearance.

Unlike porcelain crown application, natural teeth are not prepared too much during this method. Prepare is called cutting the tooth frame in order to place the veneer to be placed on the tooth surface. Prepare is performed in many tooth surface coating processes. In Kemerburgaz laminate tooth coating treatment applications, instead of the prepare application applied to the tooth surface in other applications, a very thin tooth layer is removed only from the front face of the tooth and the prepared porcelain lamina is bonded to the front face of the tooth with special bonding techniques. And in this way, laminate leaf coating application is completed.

What is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneer dental treatment applications are a leaf coating application applied to the tooth surface. Today, everyone has a perception of beauty in their mind structure, regardless of whether they are men or women. Complying with and reflecting this perception of beauty is a phenomenon that individuals spend time in their daily life standards. In the perception of aesthetic beauty, white and remarkable teeth, smooth tooth surfaces and tooth appearance without structural disorders that progress in a sequential manner.

In order to adapt to this perception in terms of aesthetic beauty and to have a remarkable smile design, many individuals prefer Kemerburgaz laminate leaf dental coating treatment applications.

Tea, caffeine, cigarettes, etc. consumed at home, school, work, etc. during daily life. foods such as cigarettes cause yellowing of the teeth and an ugly smile. Laminate treatment is recommended for people who are uncomfortable with this situation. With laminate veneer dental coating treatment applications, the colour irregularity on the tooth surface is eliminated and the person is provided to reach the desired appearance.

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In which cases is laminate treatment performed?

Kemerburgaz laminate dental treatment applied to the tooth surface is a treatment application that can be applied in many different situations. Generally, during daily life, too much tea, caffeine, cigarettes, etc. It is a treatment application that allows to whiten the changing and yellowing tooth colour and eliminate the colour irregularity as a result of consuming foods that change the colour of the tooth surface.

At the same time, during laminate dental veneer treatment, apart from the elimination of colour irregularity, it is also provided to regulate the structural shape of the teeth to a certain extent.

In short, Kemerburgaz laminate veneer dental veneer treatment applications; In discolouration, advanced antibiotics, fluorine, etc. that do not get results with methods such as bleaching, ie tooth whitening. They can be preferred as a cosmetic alternative in hereditary structure and discolouration of stains formed on the tooth surface due to caffeine, tea or cigarettes, in the joining of separated teeth (diastema closure), during the restoration processes of broken or worn teeth, in the correction of old fillings that have been previously made with deteriorated colour and structure, in the correction of crooked and curved teeth in the mouth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment).

Who can benefit from Laminate Treatment?

These dental treatment applications are a treatment application that can be performed by anyone who is uncomfortable with the colour or structure of their teeth due to any reason or who wants to achieve the aesthetic smile they desire.

Kemerburgaz laminate dental veneer treatment applications, which are generally preferred and applied for smile design, is a process applied with leaf porcelain applied on the tooth surface. Over 18 years of age and teeth aesthetics or etc. It is a treatment application that can be preferred by anyone who is uncomfortable for reasons such as and wants to change.

Who is Laminate Treatment Not Suitable for?

Over 18 years of age, this treatment application that can be preferred and applied by individuals is a treatment application that can be applied to almost everyone. Leaf porcelain laminate veneer dental veneer treatment applications are an aesthetic dental treatment application that is not applied to teeth that are not over 18 years old, teeth with excessive crowding and rotation, teeth with high caries formation, people who do not control oral hygiene and have poor oral care, people with teeth grinding or unconscious teeth clenching habits, and teeth where there is no head-to-head closure between the upper and lower teeth.

Leaf porcelain dental treatment applied to the teeth with these conditions, ie Kemerburgaz laminate dental veneers, is not applied because problems may be encountered in terms of long-term healthy protection.

What are the Advantages of Laminate?

This laminate tooth coating treatment method applied to patients who desire has many different advantages. Some of these advantages can be listed as follows:
– It offers the aesthetic appearance they desire to people who want to have the procedure.
– As a result of a small and short intervention, it gives people a very healthy and natural looking appearance.
– In laminate tooth coating application, it is not possible to remove a veneer adhered to the tooth as a whole from the tooth. Laminated dental veneer can only be removed by abrasion from the tooth surface with diamond burs.
– It has high resistance against abrasion.
– Does not change colour in food consumption such as coffee, tea, cigarettes etc. It remains in a constant colour.
– It minimises the formation of tartar on the teeth.
– It is made of a robust, colourfast and durable structure.
– It is a treatment application that offers the desired aesthetic appearance without disturbing the natural structure of the teeth. The structure of the natural tooth is not changed during Kemerburgaz laminate dental treatment procedures. Only a very small correction is made if deemed necessary.
– It creates the aesthetic smile design desired by the person.

What are the Disadvantages of Laminate?

This tooth coating treatment method offers a beautiful mouth appearance to the patient as aesthetic dental treatment and smile design. In addition to providing various advantageous situations such as having an impressive smile design, dental laminate applications also offer various disadvantages to patients.

Leaf porcelain treatment application is a treatment application that is very sensitive and requires meticulous dental coating work. Kemerburgaz laminate dental treatment application Unlike other dental treatment applications, the pricing of laminate veneer aesthetic dental treatment method is also higher than zirconium and porcelain coatings. During the process, the enamel tissue of the teeth is arranged in such a way that the connection of the leaf porcelain is made. For this reason, laminate leaf porcelain dental veneer treatment applications are not applied to teeth that have lost enamel tissue.

Is Laminate Treatment Painful?

Local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia is not used during the application during the laminate veneer aesthetic dental treatment method. However, the pain or pain felt by the patients during the procedure is at the lowest level or even at a level that can be called non-existent. During the treatment process, some abrasion around the teeth is required for the application of the veneer process. Otherwise, the veneer attached to the tooth surface will not stop and fall off. During the whole treatment process, only a very little pain is felt during the abrasion of the teeth. This pain felt by the patient is a minimum level of pain and varies according to the current pain threshold of the patients, that is, their resistance to pain.

How Long Does Laminate Veneer Treatment Take?

Laminate veneer, that is, leaf porcelain dental veneer treatment applications in aesthetic dental treatment procedures, the measurements of laminated teeth are taken by abrading the teeth. The production phase of the laminated teeth whose measurements are taken in the laboratory is produced within a period of time varying between 3 and 4 days.

However, in Kemerburgaz laminate dental veneer treatment applications, that is, in leaf porcelain treatment procedures, in addition to the production of laminated teeth, there is a treatment period lasting approximately 1 week with detailed preliminary studies of the smile design made to the person. After the necessary measurements of the teeth are taken after the tooth cutting procedures and the measurement session, the general treatment procedures are completely completed within 1 week with 2 sessions on average. After this process, people can have the aesthetic smile design and tooth structure they desire.

What is the Lifetime After Laminate Treatment?

Laminate aesthetic dental coating treatment method does not have a strictly determined lifetime. Kemerburgaz laminate leaf porcelain dental veneers change positively or negatively depending on the dental care applied by the patient.

On average, the service life of leaf porcelain varies between 5 and 15 years. The service life of the leaf porcelain veneers made to the patient after the leaf porcelain dental coating treatment may also vary in proportion to the cleaning of the care process applied to the teeth as a result of the treatment applied to the patient’s teeth during the daily life after the treatment.

After the treatment applied to the patient, the leaf porcelains made on the surface of the patient’s old teeth should be checked by a dentist who is a specialist in the field at certain intervals and cleaned with braces.

Bu durumların yanı sıra Kemerburgaz laminate yaprak porselen diş kaplama ömrünü etkileyen bir diğer etken de bakım ya da temizliğin dışında kullanım sürecine dikkat etmektir. Laminate vineer diş kaplamalar her ne kadar doğal bir görünüme sahip olsalar da tamamen doğal değildir. Bu nedenle doğal dişlerle kolayca yapılan sert kabuklu yiyeceklerin tüketilmesi ya da toka, kalem vb. gibi sert cisimlerin ısırılması gibi durumlardan kaçınılması gerekir. Aksi taktirde yaprak porselenlerin ömrüne olumsuz bir şekilde etki etmiş olursunuz. Tüm bu koşullara dikkat edilip Kemerburgaz laminant bakımına düzenli dikkat edildiğinde yaprak porselen diş kaplamalarının tedavi süreci sonrası ömrü 5 ila 15 yıl arasında değişiklik göstermektedir.

Laminate (Sheet Ceramic) Prices 2023

Today, the prices of laminate leaf ceramic dental veneer treatment applications, which are preferred by many people, may vary depending on various parameters and factors. The factors affecting the prices of laminate veneers, ie leaf porcelain dental veneers, which are one of the most preferred treatment methods among the dental treatment methods for aesthetic smile and offer people the aesthetic smile they desire, can be listed as follows.

It varies according to the problem rate of the teeth where the treatment is performed and the place where the leaf porcelain dental veneer application treatment procedures are performed. In addition, Kemerburgaz Laminate aesthetic dental treatment applications are a dental coating treatment with higher pricing compared to zirconium and porcelain coating procedures.


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