Kemerburgaz Root Canal Treatment

Kemerburgaz root canal treatment applications are a treatment application applied to eliminate the problems experienced by people who have problems with their teeth due to various reasons and reasons. In other words, the dental conditions that canal treatment generally treats are dental caries.

Root canal treatment applications, Endodontic treatment with its name in medicine, deals with and treats problems that have progressed to the region where the sini and vascular packages that provide the vitality of the teeth called dental pulp are located. With Kemerburgaz root canal treatment applications, you can apply a treatment process that allows the recovery of decaying or infected teeth. However, canal treatment is not applied to the patient’s teeth in case of tooth decay.

In order to be able to perform root canal treatment, the patient’s tooth must have advanced tooth decay and toothache and this decay should not be intervened with filling. In some cases such as advanced caries, infection or inflammation, etc., the patient is applied painful or painless dental root canal treatment. In this way, the patient can have his/her decayed and unaesthetic tooth treated and get rid of the pain caused by advanced decay and inflammation in the area.

What Causes Toothache?

Toothache is pain that occurs inside or around the teeth in the mouth area. This pain can be caused by various reasons. Depending on the change in the severity of the toothache in the teeth, the treatment methods and applications applied to relieve the existing pain vary.

Toothache can occur in the form of mild to severe pain that can develop due to irritation of the gums and that the person can relieve at home with painkillers or different methods. In these mildly severe pains, the person can relieve the pain on their own at home. However, in cases of more severe and severe toothache, the patient’s toothache cannot be relieved at home with medication. When faced with severe toothache such as this, the patient should see a dentist who is a specialist in the field.

It is an organ with a soft structure filled with nerves, pulp, tissues and blood vessels within the tooth structure. Pulp nerves are among the most sensitive nerves in the human body. Since these pulp nerves, which are in the substances that make up the tooth structure, have a sensitive structure, if these nerves are irritated or infected with bacteria, it causes abscess and severe toothache. In other words, toothache is generally caused by irritation or bacterial infection of the pulp nerves in the tooth structure.

There are many different factors and parameters that cause sensitization of the pulp nerves in the tooth structure or the pain of aching teeth. These include, in general;
– Dental caries, carious toothache is a pain that the person feels intensely.
– Dental abscess caused by a bacterial infection of the pulp nerves in the central area of the tooth,
– A cracked or broken tooth,
– Any damage to the tooth filling,
– Tooth sensitivity and tooth wear that occurs in people’s teeth due to repetitive movements such as chewing gum, clenching the teeth while sleeping at night or during daily life, or rubbing the teeth against each other,
– Gum infection due to various reasons,
– Tooth eruption from the gums, i.e. when a tooth grows in the gum instead of in its natural place, tooth eruption,
– Pain in the teeth can occur due to reasons such as wisdom tooth pain, etc. In short, the cause of pain in the teeth is not a single one, but it can occur due to the effect of different reasons.

How Toothache Goes Away

So how does a toothache that occurs in the teeth due to various reasons go away? Let’s elaborate on this question together.

Many different reasons affect the occurrence of toothache. However, no matter what the cause of the pain, toothache is a negativity that greatly reduces the quality of life of the person and causes pain to the person. In this case, the question of how to relieve toothache is a very important and striking question.

There are many different methods for relieving toothache. However, these methods vary depending on the severity of the toothache and the cause of the pain. Some of the preferred methods for relieving mild toothache at home can be listed as follows: gargling with salt water, putting clove oil on the aching tooth, using garlic and thyme. Although these mixtures and application methods temporarily relieve the pain you feel in your teeth, the pain will continue as long as you do not go to the root of your toothache, that is, the root cause of your toothache and treat it. For this reason, you can find out the cause of your current toothache in our place, which also performs root canal treatment applications in Kemerburgaz, and you can completely eliminate your toothache cause.

One of the most common causes of toothache is the pain caused by the sensitivity of the tooth enamel in the mouth due to various causes and conditions in people. If the cause of the pain is unknown and it does not go away despite all these home treatments or temporarily passes for a short time, the aching teeth must be shown to a dentist who applies Kemerburgaz root canal treatment applications.

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What is good for toothache that keeps you awake

There are various causes of toothache. The severity of the pain that occurs in the tooth enamel due to tooth sensitivity also varies and treatment applications are applied according to the rate of this pain. For non-severe toothaches that can be relieved at home; various painkillers, tooth brushing and flossing, salty water, vinegar water, ice therapy, baking soda, garlic, cloves, etc. Methods such as methods such as are among the methods that allow you to relieve your toothache at home.

However, the pain relief method applied to the tooth varies according to the severity of the toothache. Because the basic problem of the teeth that cause extremely severe pain needs to be solved and should be treated with Kemerburgaz canal treatment applications. Otherwise, the problem with the tooth may grow. Therefore, it is very important to be examined by a dentist.

How to relieve toothache in children

One of the situations that most affects the teeth and causes pain is when hard foods such as food etc. get between the teeth. In this case, dental care, brushing or flossing should be performed. Toothaches in children usually occur when children consume too much sugary and acidic foods. For this reason, children should not consume such foods and drinks due to the fact that acidic drinks that come into contact with dental health and teeth threaten dental health.

So what is good for toothache in children?
– With the application of cloves or clove oil on the decayed tooth
– Putting garlic on the tooth
– Gargling with salt water or vinegar water
– While home treatment procedures such as placing the core of the olive on the decayed tooth, etc. can be performed at home, it is absolutely necessary to consult with dentists about Kemerburgaz root canal treatment methods in order to protect dental health. Treatment methods applied at home are usually temporary treatment methods and in some cases may even damage the tooth enamel of the person.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Kemerburgaz root canal treatment application methods, also known as endodontics, is a treatment application that enables the treatment of the teeth of patients who come with high severity toothache. Nowadays, it is quite possible for people to encounter tooth decay due to excessive sugar consumption. It is a dental health treatment application that is generally preferred in cases where treatments such as filling etc. cannot be applied to severely decayed teeth.

Who is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Kemerburgaz canal treatment applications applied to patients are a method applied to patients in cases where the tooth root is affected as a result of caries or various traumas in the tooth area. This method is a dental treatment application method that is generally preferred and applied when other methods such as filling etc. cannot be applied. The main purpose of root canal treatment is to prevent tooth loss that may occur, to ensure that the tooth remains active in the jawbone by fulfilling its normal functions and to protect the patient’s quality of life.

Is There Any Harm of Root Canal Treatment?

Kemerburgaz root canal treatment applications, which are preferred by individuals who have various problems in terms of dental health, do not cause any harm to the patient. The application is applied under local anesthesia. After the application, if the patient follows the dentist’s recommendations, no problems or problems are encountered. However, after the procedure, the recommendations of your specialist dentist must be followed.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Local anesthesia is applied to the patient during Kemerburgaz canal treatment applications applied to patients with advanced tooth decay and filling treatment procedures. However, the patient feels as much pain as he feels in a normal ordinary filling procedure. This level of pain felt by the patient is a pain felt due to the existing infection and inflammation in the tooth rather than the applications made during the procedure.

It is quite normal to have sensitivity in the treated tooth and area for the first few days after the procedure, and the most effective method to relieve people’s toothache is root canal treatment.

Things to Consider When Having Root Canal Treatment

During root canal treatment applications, numbness occurs in the patient with the effect of local anesthesia applied to the area to be treated. The numbness in the area continues with the effect of anesthesia, which will continue for a while after the procedure. Due to this numbness, the teeth can damage the soft tissues in the mouth. For this reason, excessively hot or cold and hard foods should not be consumed for a while after Kemerburgaz root canal treatment applications.


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