What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic applications are used to correct the crowding that occurs in the tooth structure. Incompatibilities in the tooth structure are corrected by orthodontic treatment. Treatment of crowding formations in the teeth is of great importance in terms of aesthetics, function and dental health. If this incompatibility is not treated, a bad appearance emerges. However, in addition to a bad appearance, the patient cannot chew with crooked teeth and may experience digestive problems.

The cause of orthodontic disorders is genetic and environmental factors. Due to the fact that oral health is not done properly and early milk tooth loss, teeth are driven out of the places where they need to erupt. Thus, crowding formations occur.

The main purpose of orthodontic treatment is to eliminate dental disorders. At the same time, the appearance of a damaged tooth adversely affects aesthetic concern. Orthodontic treatment methods are used to fully fulfill the current function. These treatment methods are performed in the clinical center where Göktürk orthodontic services are provided. With Göktürk orthodontic services, jaw and dental disorders are diagnosed and the process progresses by preparing a treatment plan.

Conditions Requiring Orthodontic Treatment

Conditions requiring orthodontic treatment are;

  • Crowding problem: It is one of the most necessary problems for orthodontic treatment. It is due to the fact that the tooth and jaw structure are not compatible with each other in terms of size.
  • Intermittent tooth problem: small tooth sizes and thick gum fibers require orthodontic treatment. Intermittent teeth are generally more prominent in the front teeth, but this problem can also be seen in the back teeth.
  • Embedded tooth problem: This tooth structure, which cannot take its place in the oral cavity, can damage the neighboring teeth over time. Therefore, these teeth are corrected by orthodontic treatment methods.
  • Closing disorder problem: If the tooth has difficulty in closing, orthodontics is used to treat this condition. Different treatment methods are applied for the closing problem.
  • Missing teeth problem: Missing teeth can be seen in the mouth due to congenital reasons. A prosthetic tooth is placed between the missing teeth or this treatment process is completed with the application of braces.
  • Advanced jaw problem: It is one of the most treated problems in the field of orthodontics. In the treatment of these problems, extraoral appliances are used or the jaw is treated by taking it back.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment includes the early detection of teeth with position disorders and the prevention of this condition. In this treatment method, it is ensured that the teeth are positioned where they should be through brackets. Orthodontic treatment is performed in many different ways. These applications vary according to the tooth structure and the treatment process. The types of treatment included in Göktürk orthodontic services are as follows;

  • Invisalign orthodontics (wireless orthodontics): Invisalign orthodontic treatment is used to align and straighten teeth through transparent plaques without using braces. With this treatment, tooth crowding is corrected.
  • Metal braces: Metal braces treatment is applied to get rid of the crowding appearance in the tooth.
  • Porcelain braces: porcelain braces, which are glued on the teeth, are not obvious when viewed from a distance and give the teeth an aesthetic appearance.
  • Pediatric orthodontics: orthodontic disorders are seen from a young age. Orthodontics is used in early treatment.
  • Lingual orthodontics: it is one of the braces treatments. It corrects the bad appearance in the tooth.
  • Movable apparatus: These are the apparatuses that are used without sticking to the tooth and increase the retention in the tooth. The most important feature is that it can be removed and installed.
  • Accelerated orthodontics: it is the treatment process with the use of new devices and instruments.

To benefit from this treatment method, you can contact Göktürk orthodontic dental health services and make an appointment.

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Transparent Plaques

Anyone who does not want to wear braces and wants to correct the disorders in the teeth is treated with orthodontics with transparent plaque. Crowding and disorder in the teeth are corrected by means of dental plaques that are specially produced and surround the teeth transparently.

 Transparent plaque treatment, which is included in Göktürk orthodontic services, is performed as follows;

  • Transparent plaque treatment processes are first started with oral examination.
  • If the patient is suitable for this operation, measurements are taken from the mouth and the teeth are finalized with the help of the computer. Since the appearance of the teeth is thrown into the digital environment, a more comfortable appearance is provided.
  • Individually produced transparent plaques are replaced every 2 weeks. Thus, after each change, the teeth are moved to the desired position.
  • After the teeth reach the desired position, the transparent wires called retainers are attached to the teeth and the process is completed.
  • Mini plaque orthodontic method, which is one of the supporting elements of treatment , is also used in transparent plaque application.

Advantages of transparent plaques;

  • The most important advantage of this treatment is that it is invisible.
  • With plaque treatment, the problem of crowding in the teeth is corrected quickly.
  • Transparent plaques can be removed during eating and put on later. There are no restrictions on these records.

Porcelain Braces / Aesthetic Braces

Porcelain braces, designed in ceramic and tooth color, are highly preferred due to their transparent structure. It is possible to have a comfortable use with aesthetic braces produced for adult use.  The persons who are suitable for these procedures performed at Göktürk orthodontic dental health center are;

  • Those with orthodontic disorders
  • People with unstable jaw structure
  • People with impaired chewing and speech function
  • Missing female ones
  • Those who are disturbed by the appearance of a smile
  • Those who have experienced the problem of crowding
  • Those with tooth loss and fractures
  • Those with cleft palate problems

Porcelain braces treatment is done as follows;

  • In the first examination, it is determined what orthodontic disorders are.
  • Tooth extraction and dental filling examination are applied if necessary.
  • Intraoral expansion devices are used when performing orthodontic treatment with transparent brackets.
  • Porcelain brackets are installed slowly and one by one. By using special adhesive materials, it is ensured that the brackets are made whole with the tooth.
  • Porcelain braces, designed in tooth color, are glued to the tooth surface with transparent adhesives.
  • When viewed from the outside, image distortion does not occur.

You can make an appointment at Göktürk orthodontic dental health center, one of the orthodontics clinics in Istanbul,  and see a detailed orthodontic treatment.

Metal Braces

Metal braces, which are among the classic orthodontic applications, are the treatment process performed by placing them on the inner and outer parts of the teeth. Metal braces, which stand out with their durability, are preferred by many people because of the low probability of breakage. In the time period when orthodontic treatment will continue, this metal is used without removing the braces. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this situation before orthodontic treatment.

 People who have undergone metal braces in Göktürk orthodontic dental health clinic;

  • People who have teeth that are positioned in the wrong place
  • Those who suffer from tooth loss and deficiencies
  • Those who have difficulty in chewing function
  • People who have problems opening and closing the mouth
  • People who have experienced jaw locking
  • People with forward and backward positioned jaw structure

Metal braces treatment is performed as follows;

  • A treatment plan is drawn up with the examination and if there are conditions such as caries in the mouth, it is treated.
  • A personalized design is made by taking the appearance and measurements of the inside of the mouth.
  • In the classical metal braces treatment, brackets are attached to each tooth one by one. Then, using special adhesives, the brackets are made into a whole with the tooth. Thus, the metal braces process is completed.

Which Treatments Are Applied Within the Scope of Orthodontic Treatment?

 The treatment methods included in Göktürk orthodontic services are as follows;

  • Metal bracket method: orthodontics is one of the most used methods in treatment. These metal brackets are thin wires that stick to the teeth and pass through the part with the help of holders.
  • Porcelain wire method: porcelain wire is often preferred because it has a transparent appearance. Thanks to this porcelain wire, the teeth have an aesthetic appearance.
  • Transparent plaque method: the most important feature of individually produced transparent plaques is that they can be removed and installed. In this case, it makes it quite easy to eat.
  • Movable appliances: used for the correction of tooth trapezoids.
  • Lingual orthodontic method: If the dental disorder cannot be corrected if many treatment methods are applied, lingual orthodontic treatment is used. It is a more detailed treatment method.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic disorders treated in the field of dentistry are processes carried out to harmonize the jaw and tooth structure. Depending on the structure and problem of the jaw, orthodontic treatment methods are decided. Orthodontic methods, which provide regular controls from a young age, ensure that the teeth are correctly aligned and positioned in a proper structure.

The main purpose of orthodontic treatment is to correct the disorders in the tooth and to give the teeth an aesthetic appearance. In addition, this treatment method is used to have healthy teeth. In orthodontic treatment processes, those who have problems such as gum recession and tooth deficiencies are also treated. In this treatment process, the application is carried out in detail with the support of different disciplines.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces (lingual brackets) are placed on the front and back of the teeth and allow the teeth to be placed in a proper position without the need for the braces to be seen. The design of these brackets starts with the measurement of the inside of the mouth. Through these custom-made brackets, the teeth are slowly coming to the right position. Invisible braces treatment processes vary between 18 and 36 months depending on the patient’s tooth tightness and opening and closing status.

In order to use these braces correctly, oral care must be done well. In order to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay, invisible braces should be cared for with quality. The most important of this care is brushing the teeth and flossing.

You can apply to Göktürk orthodontic services for detailed information about invisible  braces.

What is Invisalign Transparent Plaque?

The process of correcting dental disorders by using transparent plaque material instead of braces is called Invisalign transparent plaque. In this treatment method, transparent plaques designed according to the patient’s mouth structure are used. The two most important features that distinguish this treatment method from others are; is that it is removable and cannot be noticed. It is possible to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance with these applications that perform tooth correction treatment without using braces.

Thanks to the images taken from the mouth, the teeth are corrected on the computer and transparent plaques are produced from the 3D printer. The fact that it cannot be noticed from the outside and is done in a short time makes this treatment method very popular.

What Are Transparent Brackets?

Transparent brackets, which are made in tooth color and are not obvious when viewed from the outside, are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment tools. One of the most worried issues in orthodontic treatment processes is aesthetics. The help of transparent brackets is quite large in order to create an aesthetic appearance.

Transparent brackets adhere more weakly to the tooth surface compared to metal brackets. Therefore, their structure is more delicate and these transparent plates need to be used carefully. Transparent brackets are divided into three according to their types. These; hard plastic brackets, ceramic and sapphire brackets. Each of these transparent brackets has its own characteristics. However, the purpose of all transparent plaques is to correct the patient’s tooth appearance in an aesthetic way.

For information about transparent plaques and orthodontic treatments,  you can get support from  Göktürk orthodontic services, which is an orthodontic clinic.



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