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Kemerburgaz implant treatment applications are frequently preferred to complete the missing teeth in the oral areas of the people and  to eliminate the tooth structure disorders of the people.  The structure of the mouth, especially the teeth, is among the elements that greatly affect both the physical health and aesthetic appearance of the people.


 Kemerburgaz implant treatment procedures are encountered  as a treatment application that allows people who have problems in their teeth in the mouth area due to various reasons and who have tooth deficiencies to get rid of oral problems. Implant treatment, which offers a permanent solution to tooth loss,  is replaced with metal or screw-like material applied to replace the missing teeth in the mouth area  of the people. In this way, the missing or damaged teeth of the person are replaced with artificial teeth that function as real teethand the person regains the comfort of the mouth.

What is Implant?

There are various treatment applications to eliminate the missing or damaged tooth problem, which is a problem that many different people face due to various reasons. However, this is a rescue  treatment application preferred in dental problems where treatment applications are not sufficient or tooth damage is high and tooth roots are not used.


Kemerburgaz implant application  surgery offers a good alternative to the patient  in cases that do not fit  the dentures  or bridges applied to the teeth.  In addition, in these missing dental treatment applications, it is a preferred application in cases where  the denture or bridge teethdo not allow  to be replaced due  to the lack of natural tooth  roots and to achieve natural tooth comfort for the person.


Kemerburgaz implant used in dental treatments are screws that are placed in the jawbone applied to replace the missing teeth in the mouth area  and mimic the natural tooth root.  The missing teeth of  the person are replaced with coatings, bridges or removable prostheses placed on  the procedure applied with this metal or screw-like material applied  to the  mouth area. With the missing teeth that are replaced, the person relives the comfort of the natural teeth while at the same time reaching the desired aesthetic appearance.


Implant application is a procedure applied  by  a dentist who is an expert in the field  and at the same time it is a procedure applied as a result of various examinations and evaluations before the procedure.

How is the implant applied?

Tooth deficiency or tooth damage caused by various causes and parameters inthe teeth in the mouth area  is a problem that can be eliminated with implant applications.  People may have dental problems, tooth damage, etc. due to various reasons. There are different treatment applications in order to solve such problems and to gain the comfort of the person’s mouth  . When these treatment applications  are not sufficient,  dental problems are eliminated by eliminating this situation that people are uncomfortable by applying the implant treatments.

Kemerburgaz implant treatment applications, which restore a natural appearance and natural functions to the  teeth, are applied to the person within a period of time ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes on average. During application, the operation takes place in five stages.

In the first stage, the area where the patient’s implant  will be applied is  anesthetized by local or general anesthesia. This procedure is a very important procedure so  that the patient does not suffer during dental implant application. Then, the area to be applied is cleaned and if there are teeth that need to be extracted, they are extracted so that the application can be made.  Since the implant application applied to the person will serve as a tooth root, the tooth is carved with a special drill.  After this procedure, the implant is placed in the prepared cavity and screwed.  The screw placed in the groove is covered and sewn off.

In the second stage, the implant placed in the jawbone is waited for a period of time ranging from 2 to 6 months to  be able to integrate with the bone.

When the jawbone completes the healing process, the third stage is started. At this stage,  an additional operation process is applied to place  the abutment to which the crown will adhere.  With this procedure, the abutment is attached to the implant that is made in advance and integrates with the bone. After this procedure, a recovery period of 2 weeks is expected.

With the healing of the gums,  the fourth stage is passed  to make an implant crown. During this stage, the mold of the mouth is taken to make  the appropriate alignment to the mouth. Since the jawbone does not have the strength to use a new tooth, any removable artificial tooth or fixed tooth is preferred until the tooth gains strength.

In the fifth stage, which is the last stage, the crown of the implanted tooth is attached. This way the process is finished. However, in some cases, doctors may rehearse to understand and see whether the prepared crown shape fits snugly in the patient’s mouth. After all these procedures, bruising or swelling can be seen in the mouth area for a short time. In order to prevent this situation, an ice pack can be placed in the area where the procedure is performed after the procedure. In Kemerburgaz implant dental applications, applications are made to your teeth by specialist doctors in the field.

So can dental implants be applied to everyone?  Im plants, which are generally preferred by people with tooth deficiency or damage, are the most suitable procedure that can be applied to every healthy individual whohas completed growth and development and  whose jawbone is suitable.

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What should be considered when applying the implant?

Teeth are a very important organ both in terms of their functions and in terms of aesthetic beauty and quality of life. As a result of the problems that may be encountered in the teeth due to various reasons and factors, people may experience tooth loss. In case the teeth are damaged or missing, there are  some important situations to be considered when applying Kemerburgaz implant dental treatment to patients.


The implant treatment application applied  to the patient’s teeth is a very important application  that should be performed by dentists who are experts in the field. If the dentists who perform the application are not experts in their field and do not work selflessly, the patient may encounter various problems. Therefore, the specialist dentist who will perform the procedure should be carefully selected.


Another issue to be considered is the brand of  the preferred implant during implant application. Since the screws that replace the tooth root will remain in the person’s mouth after the application and will function as a natural tooth, an implant with a good brand should be preferred. Otherwise, there is a possibility of encountering various problems.

What are the conditions to be considered after implant?

Since the implant treatment is quite long and has a treatment period that needs attention, there are some situations that the patient should pay attention to after the procedure. Here are some of these situations.

  • Any physical impact or physical strain on the application area should be avoided.
  • After the application, hard, particulate and sticky foods should be avoided and bacteria that may form in the mouth should be avoided.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene. In this way, the healing process is positively affected by avoiding the infection risks that may occur.
  • It is recommended not to use it as smoking, caffeine and alcohol use are factors that adversely affect the healing process.

What are the Advantages of Implant Application?

Implant application has many different advantages. Implant treatment applications, which are a procedure that provides filling of damaged or missing tooth places in the abdomen area, is a procedure that offers a natural tooth appearance and function.  Some of the advantages provided by Kemerburgaz implant treatment applications to people are;

  • It replaces the missing or damaged teeth in the mouth area and offers people a natural tooth appearance.
  • Gaining ease of eating by gaining your mouth comfort which is adversely affected by missing teeth.
  • Oral health.
  • More durable teeth compared to natural teeth because the teeth are made with extremely high quality and durable implants.
  • Elimination of speech defects that may occur due to missing teeth, that is, fluent speech.
  • Increased self-confidence with aesthetic and natural-looking dental implants instead of non-aesthetic old teeth.
  • Unlike other tooth restoration methods, the elimination of tooth deficiencies without the need to erode neighboring teeth.
  • Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials that the body tolerates and adopts. It is a long-lasting application due to the fact that it is fixed to the jawbone.
  • While the oral health of the people who are applied to the patient with the implant treatment method  is protected and the  natural tooth appearance and function are preserved, the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s mouth is also corrected. If you want to treat your missing or damaged teeth and get the aesthetic appearance and tooth function you desire, you  can choose and apply Kemerburgaz implant treatment methods.

How Long Does Implant Application Last?

There are some factors that affect the treatment process of this dental treatment application. The duration of the implant application varies according to how many teeth of the patient are treated with the implant.  However, when the duration of the implant application is examined,the treatment consists of two different stages and is completed in an average of 6 months  .  The first stage of the treatment takes approximately 10-15 minutes and the application time of one of the implants is 3-4 minutes on average.


One of the reasons why the Kemerburgaz implant treatment application takes so long is that the implants are expected to fuse to the jawbone  after a period ranging  from about 3 to 6 months after the implants are placed  in the jawbone.  After the implants are welded to the jawbone, prosthetic teeth are placed and the treatment is completed.

How Much Pain Is Felt When Implant Is Applied?

The implant application applied to the patient’s teeth is a surgical application.  In implant application, which is a surgical procedure, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is applied to the patient before the application  .  The patient under the influence of anesthesia does not feel any pain or pain during the procedure.

Is There Pain After Implant Application?

The patient does not feel any pain or pain due to the local anesthesia or general anesthesia applied to the patient during the procedure. However, after the dental implant procedure, the occurrence of pain in the application area, jaw and mouth areas is quite normal and normal.  With Kemerburgaz implant treatment applications and implant  procedures applied by specialist doctors in the field, you can experience a painless and painless implant treatment process and reach the natural tooth appearance and function.

Are Dental Implants Long Lasting?

Dental implant treatment application applied to patients is   a longer lasting treatment application compared to other dental treatment applications as it is a procedure applied with screws placed  in the jawbone  in the missing tooth  area.  One of the reasons for preference is this feature, Kemerburgaz implant treatment application procedures, a dental treatment application that attracts attention in terms of regaining the natural dental functions of people and providing oral comfort.

Does Implant Treatment Harm the Body?

No, it does not harm the body. Titanium, which is preferred in the construction of teeth  in Kemerburgaz implant treatment applications, is compatible with the human body because it is a biocompatible substance that does not cause toxic effects in the human body.  For this reason, implant application is a procedure that does not cause any harm to the human body.

Is Implant Application Expensive?

There are many different parameters that affect the price of implant treatment applications. The first of these parameters is thataccording to the brand and quality of the implant used, implant treatment fees also vary. In addition, prices may vary depending on various factors such as how many teeth of the patient will be applied, the clinical center where the application is made, the specialist doctor, etc.  You can get the clearest and most accurate price information  by contacting Kemerburgaz implant treatment centers.


Göktürk Implant

In order to  have Göktürk implant application, the patient must first find a specialist physician. Implant applications are  very important applications that should be performed by a specialist dentist. Otherwise, the probability of encountering various problems after the procedureis high. For our patients living  in the Göktürk region, they can make an appointment with our expert team in Göktürk implant applications.  With Kemerburgaz implant treatment applications, you can ensure that your missing or damaged teeth gain a natural appearance and you can reach your mouth and comfort.


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