What is Implant?

Artificial prostheses placed in place of the jawbone due to the loss of the teeth in the mouth for any reason are known as the implant process. Dental implants are a replacement tooth root and are fixed and permanent in harmony with natural teeth. Implant, which is an artificial tooth root placed in the mouth to support dentures and dental prostheses, is one of the most applied treatment methods because it offers an aesthetic and comfortable use.

These artificial tooth roots, which are placed using surgical operations to replace the missing teeth, do not cause slippage and do not cause bone damage. Dentists prepare a treatment plan so that this application process can be started and progressed. These processes include comprehensive dental examination, review of medical history and treatment plan stages.

It is possible to successfully perform implant treatments covering a long process at the Göktürk implant dental clinic center.

How is the implant applied?

Can an implant be applied to the patient? There are many questions in his style. The implant process is performed in dental health clinics that provide reliable and professional services. The most important issue to be considered before the treatment process is to perform the application in a sterile environment and in a center consisting of quality equipment. Göktürk implant clinical center is one of the clinics consisting of both a sterile and a professional team. The Implant process in this clinic begins after the dentists have prepared a treatment plan. Since the dental implant requires one or more surgical applications, the procedure consists of some stages. These stages are;

  • Stage of comprehensive dental examination
  • Check the patient’s health history
  • Preparing a treatment plan

During the implant procedure, local anesthesia is performed first. After this procedure, the damaged tooth is removed and the jawbone is prepared. The implant undertakes the function of tooth root and the tooth is carved and placed in this cavity.

It takes approximately 6 months for the implants placed in the jawbone to become compatible with the bone. Then they go to the center for a new dental implant. In this process, the appropriate mold is taken for the mouth and one of the removable or fixed tooth options is preferred. At the final stage, the artificial tooth is screwed and glued.

What should be considered when applying the implant?

 There are some elements that are considered when performing the implant procedure in Göktürk implant dental health center.  Thanks to these elements, implant application gives a successful result as well as the appearance of natural teeth. At the same time, it is possible to have long-term results if the procedures are done correctly.

Conditions considered when applying the implant;

  • The dentist and his team have sufficient experience and success in implanting
  • Production of the material to be used from pure titanium material
  • Having a sterile examination environment
  • Having a successful company
  • Compatibility of the jawbone with the implant

Success rates in dental implant procedure vary from patient to patient. Some of the chronic conditions in the patient prevent the implant from matching with the bone. Therefore, it is very important to check the general health status of the patient in detail before the treatment process and to create a treatment plan accordingly.

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What are the Advantages of Implant Application?

The advantages that the person can reach with Göktürk implant services are as follows;

  • If the implant application is performed in a reliable clinic, the results are quite successful.
  • With implant treatment, it is possible to reach a natural structure in the teeth.
  • The dental implant restores the functional function of the teeth. So it doesn’t matter if the food is hard or sticky. Because thanks to the dental implant, there is no limit to the food eaten.
  • With these applications to complete tooth deficiencies, no damage is caused to neighboring teeth.
  • The implant is fixed to the jawbone and shows a permanent feature. At the same time, it offers a comfortable and long-lasting use.
  • The dental implant is quite durable. After good oral hygiene, it is possible to use these implants for many years.
  • The effects of tooth loss are psychological as well as physical. After this treatment, you are psychologically happy and life continues in this way.
  • After this treatment, many problems caused by tooth loss are solved in a definite and healthy way.

How Much Pain Is Felt When Implant Is Applied?

In dental treatments, certain pains and pains may be experienced. This situation also varies depending on the pain threshold of the person. However, the patient is asked about his demands and expectations before implant treatment. According to these questions and answers, a treatment plan is created. In the Göktürk implant center, general anesthesia applications are included depending on the condition of the person.

Thanks to the general anesthesia procedure, no pain is felt. In applications made in healthy tissues, there is no pain sensation. The nerve tissue in the mouth bone is quite scarce, and it is rare to feel pain in this tissue. There is no feeling of pain during the implant treatment performed with a careful and meticulous study. Local anesthesia is applied in these implant procedures and the patient does not feel pain and discomfort during the treatment. There may be mild pain after the procedure, but these pains are quite normal. It is possible to relieve this pain by using painkillers recommended by the dentist.

Is There Pain After Implant Application?

Toothache situations are experienced for a few days after dental implant treatment. However, pain conditions may not be seen in the same way in every patient. In some patients, pain situations pass in a short time, while in others it takes a longer time. There are some underlying reasons for this. Pain conditions are short-lived after the implant made in accordance with the human anatomy. However, as a result of the procedures that are not performed correctly in the treatment processes, pain can be experienced for a longer time.

 There are some points to be considered after the treatment at Göktürk Implant Center. These aspects further alleviate the pain. These;

  • Hard meals should be avoided for the first 2 hours after treatment.
  • Hot products should not be consumed for the first few days after implant treatment.
  • After the implant, ice should be applied to the jawbone.
  • Solid meals should be avoided for several days.
  • Daily oral and dental care should not be interrupted. Dental cleaning should be carried out regularly.
  • If the pain conditions after the treatment do not disappear within a short time, the dentist should be consulted.

Are Dental Implants Long Lasting?

Dental implant procedures are known for their longevity as well as a safe application. After a successful implant treatment, it is not correct to give an exact time for implant life. But on average it can be said that it has a lifespan of 25-30 years. The long-lasting use of dental implants, which are not much different from natural teeth, depends on some conditions. The conditions that ensure the longevity of a dental implant treatment performed in Göktürk implant  clinical center  are as follows;

  • The structure of the tooth bone: different methods are used to increase the life of the implant during implant treatment.
  • Dentist’s experience: the advantages of an experienced dentist in implant treatment are quite large.
  • Quality of implant material: One of the most important conditions that ensure the longevity of the implant is the quality of the implant material. The high quality of this material prolongs the life of the implant.
  • Oral care: there can be many problems that can occur in the mouth. These problems can damage the implant and reduce its life. In order to prevent this, oral care should be given importance and should be done without interruption.

Does It Harm the Body?

Some substances are used in the construction of implant teeth. Among these substances, the most used is titanium. Titanium is not a dangerous substance for the human body. Titanium substance, which has been used many times before, has not been found to have allergic and carcinogenic effects. Each of the dental implant operations is known as reliable tooth replacement procedures. When implant procedures are performed through an experienced and professional dentist, it stands out as an extremely reliable and successful treatment method.

In each of the medical operations, there are risk situations, albeit to a small degree. However, thanks to the health screening and treatment plan made before the operation, these risks are minimized or eliminated. The dentist checks the implants according to the certain degree of suitability and makes the necessary procedures and warnings accordingly. All dental implant applications performed at Göktürk implant center are very reliable and success rates are high.

Is the application expensive?

It would be a correct approach to say that the cost of dental implant treatment is high. It is very useful to have this application, which will stay with the person for a lifetime and has features that will not look like a natural tooth. Contrary to popular belief, implant treatment is not more expensive than other traditional methods. Traditional treatment methods can cause many different problems in the long term.

The cost of implant treatment varies from patient to patient. The suitability of the jawbone for the implant process is an important issue in terms of cost. If the jaw bone is not suitable for this procedure, the jaw bone is brought to a condition suitable for treatment.

A high technology is used for the production of implants that will be used for many years. At the same time, the cost of implants varies according to the implant brand that the dentist will prefer. Therefore, it is very difficult to talk about a clear price range in implant treatment. It is necessary to obtain the cost information of this treatment from the institution where the application will be made.

Göktürk Implant

For dental treatment, many people do research in detail. The reason for this research is to benefit from reliable and professional services and not to encounter any problems in dental treatment. One of these centers stands out as Göktürk implant . In the Göktürk implant center, all dental implant processes proceed according to a specific treatment plan. Successful results are obtained in dental implant with its team consisting of experienced dentists and assistants.

Göktürk implant also makes the treatment processes very comfortable. All dental implant stages are formed according to the expectations and demands of the patient. All the procedures required before and after the dental implant are carried out with careful and meticulous work.



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