What is Zirconium Ceramic?

The use of zirconium ceramic coating, which offers aesthetics and durability together, is increasing day by day. With zirconium ceramic, which has a very high level of compatibility with the gums, a natural appearance is obtained on the teeth. Zirconium-supported veneers are preferred more than metal veneers and there are many reasons underlying this situation. Especially zirconium tooth coating creates a more aesthetic appearance in the patient’s mouth.
There are two types of zirconium ceramic coating methods. The first of these is monoblock coating and the other is porcelain coating. The important feature of the monoblock coating is that it is durable, while the feature of the porcelain coating is that it provides an aesthetic stance. Zirconium coating process can be performed on implant teeth as well as normal teeth.
The zirconium ceramic coating treatment performed in Göktürk zirconium dental health center is as follows;
– Zirconium treatment has the same application as other dental coating methods.
– The most distinctive feature in this coating is the type of material used.
– Before zirconium dental treatment, the dentist makes corrections and movements on the teeth to be coated.
– After the corrections, the tooth has a small appearance and the coating is placed on the tooth.
– Zirconium veneers that do not cause any damage to the teeth are specially measured and produced in a laboratory environment.
– Zirconium veneers that are compatible with the structure and color of the tooth are obtained and made compatible with the tooth in the clinical environment.
– The veneer is adhered to the tooth with adhesives and integrated into the area permanently.
Zirconium coating, which has a very important place for oral and dental health, is made in reliable clinical centers. One of these reliable places stands out as Göktürk zirconium dental clinic center. Göktürk zirconium dental center offers quality and professional services as well as reliable service.

What is the Difference of Zirconium Veneers Compared to Classic Metal-Based Veneers?

There are some differences between zirconium veneers and metal-based veneers. It is very important to know these in order to distinguish these differences. These differences are as follows;
– Zirconium veneers are ahead in terms of aesthetics, naturalness and texture harmony. If the planning and measurement processes are done correctly, the zirconium coating does not break easily.
– The colors of metal-based coatings are colder and dull.
– Metal bridges with gray color are used in metal-based coatings. Zirconium coatings are white in color and dark color reflection situations do not occur.
– Zirconium veneers are suitable for front and back teeth. A natural and aesthetic appearance can be obtained with zirconium veneers. Zirconium is preferred for the coating of the front teeth.
– Zirconium coating is in harmony with the gums. It is also used for a long life. When metal-based coatings are used, gingival recession may occur. After gingival recession, color reflection occurs in the gums.
– In terms of cost, metal-based veneers have more affordable price contents compared to zirconium veneers.
– The advantage of zirconium in terms of dental health is more than metal-based coatings.
– In metal-based coating processes, tooth cutting is more and therefore tooth loss is more than zirconium coating. In zirconium coating, tooth loss is less. The low amount of tooth loss is also very important in terms of health.
– Metal-based veneers are a more advantageous option for full jaw prosthesis procedures over implants. The most important reason for this is that the area to be placed porcelain is more. In addition, aesthetic results are obtained as a result of these procedures.
You can make an appointment at Göktürk zirconium dental health center to successfully perform these applications.

How is Zirconium Applied?

A detailed and meticulous work is carried out in zirconium coating processes. This coating process is carried out in a high-level manner and successful results are obtained. In Göktürk zirconium dental health center, this process is applied in stages. These stages are as follows;
1. The dentist who will perform the application removes a small amount of enamel layer from the tooth.
2. The dentist applies a temporary coating to the exposed part of the tooth to protect the tooth.
3. Polishing is performed for a smooth tooth appearance. Tooth impressions are taken to ensure that these dental crowns are compatible.
4. With the help of a computer, laboratory technicians make a copy of the new veneer, which is made of zirconium material and porcelain powder is used in its production.
5. The new dental crown is polished one last time by the dentists before it is placed on the tooth.
6. At the last stage, zirconium teeth are applied and aesthetic appearance is achieved.
7. Different techniques and methods can be used in zirconium crowns, which is a very important treatment method in dentistry.
There are factors that should be considered in zirconium coating application processes. The most important of these is that the person’s tooth color and the coating are the same color. Therefore, a zirconium coating that will be in harmony with the tooth color is created in the laboratory environment. Göktürk zirconium dental health center is working to make this application fully compatible with the teeth by using special adhesives.

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What is the Lifespan of Zirconium?

The lifetime of zirconium material varies according to the tooth structure. However, zirconium coating treatment can be given an average life span of 5-15 years according to the results after the application. In addition to the tooth structure, the life of these applications made by dentists who are not experienced in this field is quite short. It is possible to get successful results if this treatment is performed in dental health centers that offer a reliable and professional service. Göktürk zirconium dental health center, which has the best dental health services, offers a quality and professional service to people.
There are many factors that ensure the permanent use of zirconium veneers after the placement process on the teeth. These factors are
– The durability of the teeth where the zirconium crown is placed extends the life of this application.
– If there are decayed teeth in the tooth, cleaning these decays is the first step. After these decays are cleaned, filling is done and thus the life of the zirconium crown is prolonged.
– If there are decays in the tooth that cannot be closed with filling procedures, canal treatment is performed and the infrastructure of the teeth is strengthened. Thus, zirconium coatings sit on a durable foundation and this allows the coating to be permanent.
– The zirconium coating, which is made together with other dental treatment methods, affects the permanence of the procedure and in this case, it supports the coating to extend its life.
– Extraction of teeth that cannot be saved and zirconium coating with the help of healthy teeth is a healthy procedure and prolongs the life of the coating.
– The best oral care helps to prolong the life of the zirconium coating.

Is Zirconium Expensive?

In order to have general information about the prices of zirconium coating procedures, it is necessary to contact the dental health center where the application will be performed. The price range given by each dental health center is different. Especially the processes of dental treatments consist of very complex and difficult stages. Therefore, it would be correct to say that zirconium coating applications are expensive. It is a more expensive application compared to other dental treatment methods due to the arduous procedures it involves.
In Göktürk Zirconium clinic, there are some points that affect the prices of tooth coating. These are
– Treatment method: How many teeth will be treated? Will the teeth be filled? After the questions in the style, the treatment is determined and preparations are made accordingly.
– Dentist and dental assistant: In addition to the dentist, the assistant factor also stands out in zirconium coating procedures. The dentist sets the treatment planning and processes and sends this content to the technician. The technician is involved in the laboratory stages.
– Experience of the dentist: The experience of the dentist is an important factor not only for zirconium veneers but also for many other procedures. The treatment method used by the dentist and many similar issues greatly affect the cost of zirconium. At the same time, an experienced dentist is an important element of getting quality service.
– The city where you are located: The cost of dental treatment in big cities may vary. At the same time, it is possible to encounter different costs in different districts of big cities.
In order to get a quality service at an affordable price, you can contact Göktürk zirconium dental health clinic and get detailed information.

Kemerburgaz Zirconium Ceramic

Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic dental health center, one of the most important addresses of dental health, offers its patients an affordable and reliable service. The dental health center, which continues its work with the latest technology equipment, adopts the principle of bringing quality treatment to its patients in the most appropriate ways. Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic dental health clinic, which consists of experienced physicians and their assistants, has determined transparency as the most important criterion in bilateral relations with its customers.
This dental health center, which consists of clinic rooms, sterile areas, resting area, children’s areas and x-ray room, has all the contents that the patient will need. Before the applications, a detailed treatment plan is prepared by the dentist and this process is followed. Treatments are carried out using the latest technology products and the best service is provided according to the patient’s expectations.
In the sterile rooms in Kemerburgaz dental health center, the equipment is cleaned properly and correctly. After each treatment, the rooms are subjected to sterilization process. At the same time, the clinic, which has spacious rooms, offers a private area for each patient. All these arrangements are made taking into account the needs of the patient. In Kemerburgaz dental health center, studies are carried out in order to provide the best and most professional service.

Gokturk Zirconium Ceramic

It is possible to receive appropriate dental health treatment with Göktürk zirconium dental coating services. In Göktürk zirconium services, the expectations of the customer and providing the best service to the customer in line with this comes first. These procedures, which are one of the alternative treatment services for patients, also stand out with their affordable costs.
Göktürk zirconium dental treatment constitutes one of the most important centers of a reliable and quality process. High quality materials and the latest technological devices are used in dental treatment. Therefore, this situation ensures that the success rate is also very high. In this center, which continues its way with experienced dentists in the field, the treatment process is carried out with meticulousness and care. In order to avoid any problems in the dental treatment of the patient, the process is checked in detail before and after the process.
In the dental health center, studies are carried out according to the needs of the patient. Within these studies; There are clinic rooms, rest room, x-ray room, children’s area and many similar places. All these rooms are designed according to the patient’s needs and treatment processes.
The dentist and his team have a detailed conversation with the patient before the zirconium crown treatment. This detailed conversation is about the treatment plan and the conditions in the treatment process. After the patient is informed, zirconium treatment is performed successfully. After the treatment, the process is not completed and the service continues to be provided according to the patient’s needs. The patient can contact the clinic center about some of the problems encountered after the treatment and get general information about the procedures.


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