1-What is Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain)?

Laminate veneer application is the process of covering the front surfaces of aesthetically or functionally deficient teeth with reinforced aesthetic porcelains. Laminate applications are one of the most powerful actors of the smile design process. Laminate, laminate veneer, porcelain lamina, lamina, leaf porcelain are used among the public.

2-In which cases can laminate application be performed, who can have laminate treatment?

People who need smile design and want an aesthetic and perfect smile apply for laminate veneer treatment. Minimal or no tooth cutting makes this method attractive. The biggest advantage of this application is that the existing teeth are not damaged. We can summarize the people who are not satisfied with their smile and want to have a more aesthetic and perfect appearance under the following headings.

    • People who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth.
    • People who are not satisfied with the form and shape of their teeth.
    • People who want to have an aesthetic appearance.
    • People with gaps (diestema) between their teeth.
    • People who cannot achieve sufficient results with teeth whitening
    • People with congenital or acquired defects in their teeth.
    • People who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment.
    • People who want aesthetic adjustment after orthodontic treatment.
    • People who need laminate treatment as part of orthodontic treatment.
    • People who did not get enough results in composite laminate treatment.
    • People who do not want to cut their teeth and do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment.
    • People who want to have an aesthetic appearance in a short time.

3-Who can do Laminate Veneer?

Prosthodontists (Prosthodontists) are authorized to make laminate veneer porcelains. Porcelain Laminate Veneer applications, which require a postgraduate education, are the subject of the Department of Prosthodontics.

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4-Who cannot have laminate veneers?

  • People whose teeth have been completely cut before,
  • People with excessive crowding
  • People with jaw disorders
  • People with closing disorders
  • People with head-to-toe closure
  • People who have lost the enamel layer of their teeth

5-How many days is laminate veneering done?

The average treatment time is 5 days.

6-What are the advantages of laminate veneers?

  • They are aesthetic.
  • Minimal or no cutting of the teeth,
  • That they do not change color over time,
  • Their longevity,
  • They are applied in a short time.

7-What are the disadvantages of laminate veneer?

High cost is a disadvantage

8-How long is the lifespan of laminate veneer?

It is 10 years on average. It is used for a long time in patients with good oral hygiene.

10-Do I feel pain during laminate veneering?

No, it is not. There is no pain in laminate veneer applications. There is not even a need for anesthesia in laminate treatments, which is an application on the enamel surface.

11- Are laminate veneers and zirconium the same?

Laminate veneer applications and zirconium veneers are different applications. In zirconium coating applications, the tooth must be completely cut. Laminate applications are made only on the front surface of the tooth.

12-What are the differences between laminate and zirconium teeth?

The most important difference between them is that when zirconium teeth are made, full tooth cutting is required, while when laminate veneers are made, only the front surfaces of the teeth are cut. A solid tooth structure is needed for laminate veneers. In case of tooth deficiencies, laminate veneers cannot be applied when bridge applications are to be made. Zirconium coatings are required in bridge applications. Laminate veneers and zirconium veneers are different materials.

13-Can laminate veneer be removed?

Laminate veneer applications are very serious applications, it is not possible to remove them after they are made. It can only be broken and removed by dentists. The underlying teeth are not damaged during removal, but it is often not possible to remove it and use the underlying teeth as before.

14-How many days does it take to apply laminate veneers?

Laminate veneer application takes an average of 5 days.

15-Does laminate veneer change color?

Laminate treatment made with reinforced porcelains does not change color, as long as regular tooth brushing is done, it maintains its color on the day of application.

16-Is laminate veneer durable, will laminate veneer break?

Laminate veneer applications are very strong. No breakage occurs when used correctly. Treatment is contraindicated in patients with bruxism (teeth grinding) or patients with parafunctional habits, fracture may occur. Abnormal behaviors such as trying to break nuts with laminated teeth, trying to open the lids of various beverages can cause laminates to break.

17-Does laminate veneer fall off?

Laminate veneer applications do not fall off. When the correct applications are made, it is not possible for laminate teeth to fall out.

19-Can laminate application be performed instead of orthodontic treatment?

If sufficient aesthetic and functional appearance will be gained with orthodontic treatment, orthodontic treatment should be preferred first. The primary aim of the physicians is not to harm the patient and to ensure that the treatments are performed in the most natural way. If the structure and color of the person’s teeth are good enough, orthodontic treatment should be performed only if crowding is a problem. Although it has the disadvantage that the treatment will take a long time, preserving the natural teeth will provide a very high advantage. Orthodontic treatment may not always be sufficient, in these cases, treatment can be supported with laminate veneer applications.

18-What should be considered after laminate application?

  1. The most important rule is that we need to keep our oral hygiene level at a high level. Oral care should be done regularly. It is necessary to brush our teeth at least 2 times a day and clean the interface 1 time a day. Interface cleaning can be done with dental floss or interface brushes.
  2. Very hard foods (apple, carrot, quince, etc.) should not be eaten with laminate veneer teeth by tearing them with the front teeth. It is necessary to consume these foods by slicing them with a knife.
  3. If patients develop the habit of clenching teeth, this problem should be treated without wasting time. Laminate treatment is contraindicated in patients with clenching habits, in other words, it should not be performed. However, in some cases, bruxism may start after laminate treatment, in these cases, treatment is required immediately.
  4. Regular dental examinations should not be neglected.

Can tea, coffee and smoking change the color of laminate veneers?

No, factors such as tea, coffee and smoking cannot change the color of laminate veneers. Patients with poor oral hygiene (oral care and health) may have temporary discoloration.


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