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Kemerburgaz zirconium is a material used in the substructure of ceramic, porcelain veneers applied to the tooth surface. Zirconium, which has a color very close to the natural tooth, is a coating applied to the tooth surfaces and allows people to achieve the aesthetic appearance they desire.

Today, one of the most important things for every individual, whether male or female, is to have aesthetic smiles. There are many different methods for people to achieve the aesthetic smile they desire. One of these methods is Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic coating. With zirconium coating treatment procedures, people have teeth with a white and natural appearance that attracts attention. It is a dental treatment application frequently preferred by individuals who want to have teeth that look aesthetically natural and attract attention.

What is Zirconium Ceramic?

Zirconium ceramic coating is an application that is generally preferred by people who want to prefer an aesthetic smile in the dental field and is a robust, aesthetic and reliable material that is biologically compatible with the tooth structure. Kemerburgaz zirconium coating treatment is a material frequently used in crowns, bridges, implants, post and pivo applications in dentistry. Today, zirconium is used with two different methods. One of these methods is the use of zirconium as a substructure material under porcelain and the other is the use of zirconium monolithically as a method consisting only of zirconium.

Zirconium, which is very strong in structure, is a dental coating application and is a material that is stronger than metal. Since the natural tooth has a color very close to its own color and has an extremely robust structure, it is preferred by many people for aesthetic smile purposes. In addition, during Kemerburgaz zirconium dental coating treatment applications, the zirconium coating easily adapts to the gums in the procedures applied to the patient.

It is the most preferred dental coating method among other coating methods. Being the most similar to natural teeth and providing comfort by adapting to the gums of people in a short time are among the most preferred reasons.

How is Zirconium Ceramic Made?

Dental veneers are among the procedures that are frequently preferred and applied for remarkable teeth and aesthetic smiles that individuals desire, regardless of whether they are men or women. Zirconium ceramic tooth coating method, which is one of the many different dental coating methods, is the coating that offers an image closest to the natural tooth color among dental coating methods. For this reason, it is the most preferred method among tooth coating methods.

Before the Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic dental coating method applied to the tooth surface, the dental health of the patient is examined by the specialist dentist. After the examination, it is determined whether the patient’s teeth are suitable for dental veneer application and the dental veneer method suitable for the patient is determined. Anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. During the veneering process, the patient’s teeth are proportionally thinned to fit the zirconium veneer and then measurements are taken. Zirconium ceramic is made to match the color of the measured tooth and offer a natural appearance.

During the procedure, while waiting for the production of zirconium dental veneers, temporary teeth are attached to the patient to prevent excessive sensitivity in the teeth and not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s teeth.

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What is the Difference of Zirconium Veneers Compared to Classic Metal-Based Veneers?

Classic metal substructure teeth have a silver-colored and opaque structure. For this reason, classical metal-based dental veneers are coatings that do not look natural due to the fact that they are a color other than the natural color of the tooth, on the contrary, they offer an artificial appearance on the tooth surface. Kemerburgaz zirconium dental veneers, on the other hand, are veneers that have a very natural-looking tooth color and have a light-transparent structure, unlike classical metal dental veneers.

Qualitative titanium alloys are used in classical metal-based dental veneers. In prostheses with zirconium ceramic substructure, zirconium alloy is used in the substructure of the coating. Zirconium alloy is even stronger than metal. In addition, since the inner structure of the teeth is white in color, it is a coating with a more aesthetic structure and light transmittance. In dental veneer treatment applications, the natural appearance it offers aesthetically is also affected according to the light transmittance rate of the material used in the application, that is, the coating. In other words, the more light-permeable a coating is, the more natural and aesthetic appearance it offers to the patient.

Another difference between Kemerburgaz zirconium dental coating applications and other metal coatings is among the most preferred reasons for this type of coating. In zirconium ceramic coating applications, unlike classical metal coatings, it does not create a black reflection on the patient’s gums after coating.

Unlike classical metal veneers, zirconium ceramic dental veneers are more biologically compatible with patients. It is also a recommended dental coating treatment application for individuals with any allergic reaction.

How is Zirconium Applied?

People who do not like their tooth surfaces for various reasons and aesthetic appearance usually achieve the aesthetic appearance they desire with dental surface coating applications. So how is this tooth surface coating applied to patients? In order to apply Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic dental coating treatment, the patient’s teeth must be prepared, that is, cut, by the specialist dentist in the dental clinic. The patient’s teeth must be cut around the circumference with a thickness that can vary between 0.5 and 1.5 mm on average. Veneers are added to these areas cut around the tooth frame to give the patient the aesthetic tooth appearance they desire.

Before the application is applied to the patient, it is determined whether the teeth are suitable for veneers as a result of the examination performed by the dentists on the patient. If the patient’s teeth are not suitable for veneers, the veneer procedure is not performed. However, if the dentist approves that the teeth can be veneered after the examination, the procedure is applied.

During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the gums in the area where the cutting will be applied so that the patient does not feel any pain or pain. Thanks to the local anesthesia applied to the patient, the patient does not feel pain or pain during the procedure. However, since tooth sensitivity will increase after the application of cutting the frames of the teeth, a slight tingling may be felt. However, this is quite normal. In order to minimize this sensitivity and to maintain the patient’s oral comfort throughout the treatment process, the patient is fitted with temporary crowns until zirconium dental crowns are produced.

Are Zirconium Ceramic Dental Veneers Painful?

Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic tooth coating application, which is preferred by those who are uncomfortable with their aesthetic dental appearance or who want to have a better aesthetic dental appearance than they are, is not painful.

Local anesthesia is applied to the patient’s application area during the procedure application. The patient under local anesthesia does not feel pain or pain during the procedure. However, for a short period of time after the application, a tingling sensation may occur as tooth sensitivity will increase. This tingling sensation in the teeth is quite normal. In order to prevent this excessive sensitivity, the patient is temporarily given temporary tooth-colored veneers that minimize the sensitivity to hot and cold.

How Long Does the Zirconium Ceramic Dental Veneers Procedure Take?
This procedure is a procedure that is not applied to people under the age of 20. Because individuals in this age group are individuals who are in the developmental age and have not completely completed their developmental age. In the jaw structures of individuals who have not completed the developmental age, jaw opening can be seen depending on different factors. For this reason, it is a dental coating procedure applied to individuals over the age of 20 who have completed the developmental age.

In addition, Kemerburgaz zirconium dental veneers are completed within an average period of 7 to 10 days, although it may vary depending on various parameters. You can contact us to get detailed information about Kemerburgaz zirconium dental veneers applications in order to have dental veneers with the aesthetic structure and appearance you desire in a short time.

What is the Lifespan of Zirconium?

Zirconium dental coating aesthetic treatment applications, which are preferred by many people today, are generally preferred by people who are uncomfortable with the color, arrangement or structure of the teeth, making the teeth look more aesthetic and whiter than they are. The average lifespan of Kemerburgaz zirconium veneers applied to teeth varies between 5 and 15 years. While the lifetime can be shortened according to the regular care of the teeth with veneers, it can also be extended with regular care and hygienic use. This lifetime can be extended up to 20 years as long as you use the zirconium dental veneers as recommended by your doctor, apply regular maintenance and pay attention to oral hygiene and health.

How to Care for Zirconium Veneers?

After the zirconium tooth coating aesthetic dental treatment process is over, the patient does not need to perform an extra care procedure. Continuing normal natural dental care routines will be sufficient for zirconium dental crowns.

As with natural teeth, the teeth should be brushed twice a day on a daily basis and the food etc. left on the teeth with dental floss. residue and plaque should be cleaned. In this way, you can maintain your dental veneers. Regular oral and dental care after the procedure prolongs the life of zirconium veneers. In addition, hard-shelled foods should not be consumed in order not to adversely affect the life of zirconium veneers.

Is Zirconium Expensive?

There are various factors and parameters that affect the pricing of zirconium dental veneers, which are generally preferred for aesthetic dental treatment regardless of men or women. In addition, there may be various changes in prices according to the treatments applied to the patient during the treatment and the needs of the patient.

There are also various changes in pricing depending on the number of teeth where the zirconium tooth coating procedure is performed in the patient’s application area, the clinic where the procedures are performed and the specialist doctor. However, Kemerburgaz zirconium dental coating aesthetic treatment applications are a type of coating that has a higher cost compared to classical metal dental coating applications.

Kemerburgaz Zirconium Ceramic

If you want to cover your teeth with quality service, a dedicated dentist and a reliable clinic, you can achieve the aesthetic appearance you desire with Kemerburgaz zirconium ceramic. One of the most important things to be considered for dental crown application is the dentist who will perform the application. You can contact us and get detailed information in order to achieve the aesthetic dental appearance you desire in our clinic, which prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction in an expert, devoted and careful manner.

Gokturk Zirconium Ceramic

Teeth are among the most noticeable organs in our facial area during daily life. The food and drinks we consume during daily life, at home, at school or at work can yellow the tooth surfaces and present an unaesthetic appearance. Our patients who are uncomfortable with this appearance and who want to have Kemerburgaz zirconium dental coating aesthetic treatment application can contact us for detailed information about Göktürk zirconium ceramic application and make an appointment.


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