Kemerburgaz Orthodontics

Kemerburgaz orthodontics;  It deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of jaw, tooth and face disorders caused by various reasons in people.


There are many different factors and factors in the formation of these disorders, known as orthodontic disorders. Orthodontics corrects the lower-upper jaw and tooth disorders that occur in people and treats the conditions that cause problems both physically  and aesthetically.


It is a fact that many people today experience the problem of jaw or tooth disorder due to different reasons.  Oral, jaw and dental health is very important.  These tooth or jaw disorders cause both the jaw and teeth to not be able to perform their functions adequately in the mouth area of the people and to be disturbed aesthetically. Orthodontics, which is a field that eliminates and treats this discomfort, allows people to have the appearance they desire and a healthy, comfortable mouth and tooth structure.  With Kemerburgaz orthodontics, you can correct the disorders in your jaw, mouth and tooth area  by  dentistry and increase your quality of life.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

The orthodontic area is an area that treats problems that occur in the jaw, mouth and tooth areas. Orthodontics, which treats crookedness in the teeth, jaw slippage or facial disorders, examines the relationship of the jaw bones with each other and the head bones and diagnoses and treats  the existing problem in the patient as a result of this examination.


Orthodontic treatment helps children grow teeth  in the correct position during their tooth development by helping the jaw development  that is likely to be seen in young children. Tooth or jaw disorders are not only a problem seen in children who are in the developmental stage. It is a treatment application that provides jaw, mouth and tooth repair to individuals who have jaw problems due to various reasons while they are unnoticed as children or in adulthood. In other words, while it ensures that tooth development grows in the right positions  in children, it  provides correction of crowding and  jaw closing irregularities in the mouth or jaw  areas in adults.

Kemerburgaz orthodontic treatment applications are a side application that provides correction of jaw and face disorders

This treatment process allows people  to have a healthier mouth, teeth that maintain their aesthetic appearance and  a more impressive appearance, while  at the same time ensuring  that the teeth  remain unnetworked for a  longer period of time.


Kemerburgaz orthodontic treatment applications in general;  Itis a treatment application used in the treatment of jaw, face and tooth babrasions that occur in patients from  the child or later.  In addition, orthodontics is applied by specialist doctors in  the Istanbul region and the comfort and satisfaction of the patients are prioritized.

What are the Conditions Requiring Orthodontic Treatment?

So what are the conditions that require orthodontic treatment? orthodontic treatment provides the elimination of structural disorders in the mouth, jaw, face and teeth. This treatment application;  in  the event that there is more space between the patients’ teeth than they should be, if the patient’s  teeth  are crooked or congested,  if some teeth  in the mouth protrude disproportionately outwards   , etc.  is a preferred and applied treatment application  in such cases.


Unlike these situations,  difficulty  in performing the action of chewing anything, the fact that the lower or upper jaw  stands out in the  face,  that is, it is not where it should be natural, breathing through the mouth, the discomfort of pressing the  tongue to the front teeth, the habit of sucking  fingers  seen in some people and the crackling and similar sounds coming from the jaw bone are the orthodontic treatment    It is among the symptoms that indicate that it  should be applied.


Kemerburgaz orthodontic treatment applications ensure that both the mouth, jaw and tooth areas of the people perform their functions as required, while at the same time eliminating the situations that disturb the people aesthetically.

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What are the Causes of Orthodontic Disorder?

Many different factors and parameters are effective in the formation of orthodontic disorders seen in many people. Failure to treat the caries  in the milk teeth in childhood, the fact that the teeth are extracted before the extraction time or orthodontic problems may be encountered in people due to genetic factors.  In particular, orthodontic problems that may arise due to genetic factors should be paid attention to and taken under the control of a doctor.


 Problems such as narrow jaw structure, hereditary tooth deficiencies, etc. can be passed from people to their children genetically.  When this situation is encountered, the child should be brought to the dentist regularly and the problems that may occur should be kept under control.  In addition, if continuous mouth breathing is performed, nasal flesh or tonsillitis can create various obstacles in the shape of the jaw bones.  After finger sucking, false pacifier  use or long-term bottle use, which are seen in children but not paid much attention, there is a high probability of disorders in the shape of the  jaw bones. Kemerburgaz orthodontic treatments offer treatment applications  that eliminate your mouth, jaw and dental problems and increase your quality of life.

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What are the Types of Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment applications, also known as dental braces treatment by the society, are treatment applications that allow the teeth  or jaw with a position disorder to be detected and prevented or treated.  The treatment administrations that are widely preferred and used in our world  are  divided into two.  The reason for the separation into two isthat the wires to be used during the procedure may vary according to the structural disorder of the  patient or  the personal expectation of the patient at some points.


  • Wire treatments (Fixed orthodontic treatments)
  • Wireless orthodontic treatments (Removable transparent plaque (invisalign) treatments)

Types of orthodontic treatmenti;

  • Invisaling Orthodontics (Wireless Orthodontics)
  • Metal Braces.
  • Lingual Orthodontics.
  • Adult Orthodontics.
  • Children’s Orthodontics.

Movable Orthodontic Apparatusis divided into i.

Transparent Plaques

Transparent plaques, or Invisalign orthodontics, is a plaque designed specifically for the person.  It is a type of orthodontic treatment that can be inserted and removed by the patient and is not noticed from the outside unlike normal braces and orthodontic applications. It is an application preferred by patients in cases where there is a disorder in the tooth position or structure, but it is not desirable to be noticed aesthetically from the outside.

Orthodontics with transparent plaque is one of the aesthetic orthodontic treatment methods  that the patient can remove at any time, that is, the areas of use are determined by the patient himself. The most important reason for preferring transparent plaques, which are very easy to clean and care for and  can be applied to patients by Kemerburgaz orthodontics, is their ability not to disrupt the aesthetic appearance.  In order for this treatment to be successful and for the tooth structure to be corrected, dental plaquesshould be used for at least 22 hours a day. In addition, each transparent plaque is worn for 10 days and  needs to be replaced at the end of 10 days.

Porcelain Braces / Aesthetic Braces

This type of braces is made of porcelain for the use of traditionally used metal braces in a more aesthetic way. Metal braces can cause aesthetic concerns for some orthodontic patients. In case these concerns can be prevented  and patients do not want to use metal braces, Kemerburgaz orthodontics  offers porcelain braces, that is, porcelain brackets and braces as an alternative for patients. In addition, another reason why porcelain braces are preferred is that patients undergoing orthodontic treatment are allergic to metal substances. Porcelain braces treatment is easily applied to people who are allergic to metal substances.

What are the Features of Porcelain Braces (Brackets)?

Some features of porcelain braces can be listed as follows:

  • Since porcelain brackets have a transparent structure, they are not noticed under light or when taking photos.
  • Porcelain brackets have been created with aesthetic requirements in mind for people who do not want to use metal brackets and have aesthetic concerns.
  • When the right orthodontic materials are selected, porcelain brackets; tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. due to factors such as definitely does not lose its color, that is, it does not turn yellow.
  • It does not require an extra method of protection.
  • Transparent braces do not cause an allergic reaction in people.
  • It has a structure that is resistant to impacts and hard food.
  • The treatment process can be easily monitored by the patient.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are among the materials traditionally used in orthodontic treatment procedures. With the development of technology  , metal brackets  have become a type of treatment  that can be used with  more mini plaque orthodontics and offer various alternatives to the patient. However, metal braces treatment, which is among the Kemerburgaz orthodontic treatment applications, is  among the most prominent and noticed treatment types among other orthodontic treatments. For this reason, due to situations such as aesthetic concern, etc., porcelain braces treatment application has been derived as an alternative and patients have been offered options.

Which Treatments Are Applied Within the Scope of Orthodontic Treatment?

Kemerburgaz Orthodontic treatment applications are a treatment procedure that is applied in case of various structural disorders in the jaw, mouth and tooth areas and allows the patient to gain the mouth, jaw and tooth structure that should be. Within the scope of this treatment, it is a treatment that treats the deterioration of the structure of the teeth due to various reasons, the teeth are out of the position they should be, jaw openings, excessive tooth intervals,removal of the apprentice in the teeth and jaw closing irregularities.


Within the scope of this treatment applied to patients, structural and deformities in the jaw, mouth, teeth and face areas and disorders that cause aesthetic anxiety that can be seen in the teeth are eliminated. In other words,  dental treatment applications  applied to patients by the orthodontic clinic are preferred not only in cases that are  problematic in terms of structure or functionality, but also in the treatment of situations that disturb people aesthetically.

Orthodontic Treatment

With Kemerburgaz orthodontic treatment, the patient’s quality of life is increased by treating the problems caused by various reasons in the mouth, jaw, tooth and face areas. It is preferred and applied in cases where the teeth show structural or functional defects or in cases where they disturb the patient aesthetically.

What Are Invisible Braces?

In invisible braces treatment applications, the  braces applied to correct the crowding or disorders in the patient’s teeth are not noticed when viewed from the outside.  In this method, the braces applied to the patient’s teeth are placed on the inside of the teethand thus the braces are prevented from being noticed when viewed from the outside.  Invisible braces, which  is a method frequently preferred by people who have aesthetic concerns during  Kemerburgaz orthodontic braces applications, ie lingual orthodontics;

  • with imbalance in the lower and upper jaw,
  • Have problems with forward jaw or tooth slippage,
  • Have aesthetic concerns,
  • Giving importance to its appearance,
  • Require orthodontic treatment and have general jaw or dental problems,
  • It is a treatment application that can be applied to people who have the habit of grinding teeth.

What is Invisalign Transparent Plaque?

Transparent plaque treatment is a method that provides wireless orthodontic treatment to the patient thanks to transparent plaques specially produced for people.  The crowding of the teeth caused by various reasons allows the patient to be treated without being noticed that he / she is receiving orthodontic treatment application thanks to this system. In this treatment method, which is generally preferred by people with aesthetic concerns, transparent plaques should be regularly maintained and cleaned and used for at least 22 hours during the day.

What Are Transparent Brackets?

Orthodontic with transparent brackets.  are tooth-colored brackets made of porcelain material that have been created to offer an alternative to dental braces made  with  traditionally used metal material.  In Kemerburgaz Orthodontic treatment applications,  various alternatives are offered to ensure that the patient is free from this concern due to the fact that the most common concern of the patients is the aesthetic appearance.


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