How to close interdental spaces (spaced teeth, diastema) (tooth gaps)?

If there is a gap between the teeth in adults, this is abnormal and treatment is necessary, especially for aesthetic reasons. Gaps are often normal during the deciduous or mixed dentition period. People who have completed puberty and have all their permanent teeth erupted should not have gaps between teeth. In a healthy mouth, teeth are side by side and in contact. There are two basic treatment concepts that can be used in the treatment of people with spaced teeth. The first one is to bring the teeth together by moving them with orthodontic treatment, and the second concept is to close the gaps between the teeth using aesthetic materials.

Can spaced teeth be closed with orthodontic treatment?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Gaps between teeth can often be closed with orthodontic treatment, but if there is a size mismatch between the teeth, the gaps cannot be closed with orthodontic treatment. As part of orthodontic treatment, gaps between teeth can be closed with aesthetic materials. The size incompatibilities of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw within themselves or between the jaws can be solved with aesthetic materials.

Which methods can be used in the treatment of spaced teeth with aesthetic materials?

In the treatment of spaced teeth, the method is selected according to the results of the examination according to the patient’s needs. The most commonly used method is to close the gaps with bonding (aesthetic filling materials).

Laminate applications, full ceramic crowns, zirconium crowns can be used depending on the case. You can review information about these under their own headings. On this page, we will examine the closure of the gaps between the teeth with bonding (aesthetic filling).

Is tooth cutting done in the bonding process?

No, it is not. There is no tooth cutting in the bonding (aesthetic filling) procedure.

Is pain felt in the bonding process?

No, it is not. Most of the time, local anesthesia is not used in this procedure.

Is the bonding process long-lasting?

Yes, this application is a permanent application and is long-lasting.

How long does the bonding procedure take?

This procedure takes one or two sessions. It is among the fastest treatments among the treatments. The duration of the sessions is directly proportional to the number of teeth to be treated. It is necessary to allocate an average of 45 minutes for each tooth.

Is the bonding process expensive?

Bonding is the most affordable treatment among the alternative applications.

What are the advantages of bonding procedure?

Existing teeth will not be cut.

It can be applied in a short time.

Low cost.

Aesthetically successful results.

What are the disadvantages of bonding?

This procedure has no disadvantages. If we compare it with porcelain lamina applications, disadvantages can be mentioned. Bonding procedures lag behind porcelain laminate applications in color change, durability and aesthetic appearance.

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Can bonding be performed for everyone?

No, it cannot. Bonding procedure cannot be applied in every case.

Who can have bonding procedure?

Bonding can be performed in many cases where the distance between the teeth is small and there is no bite problem. In order for this procedure to be performed, the person’s teeth must not have been cut before.

Who cannot undergo bonding?

People with bite disorders.

People whose teeth have been cut before.

People who have too much distance between teeth and need orthodontic treatment.

People who experience continuous filling breakage.

People with uncontrolled tooth clenching problems.

People who want to change the color of their teeth.


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