When do 20-year-old teeth come out?

As with any tooth, the emergence of wisdom teeth may  vary from person to person.usually comes out in the 18-20 age range with the development of the jaw.these  teeth are the last teeth in  the jaw area in our  mouth.there are four wisdom teeth in the mouth.

What are the problems encountered in wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth can create some problems when coming out.there may be difficulty in opening the jaw, there may be  pain. Wwelling in the gums over the wisdom teeth that do not come out completely  in the mouth, redness pain and inflammation can be seen. Also wisdom teeth are the teeth  at the back of the  mouth.therefore in individuals who do not have good oral care, food residues can easily accumulate on these teeth and lead to decay of the teeth. 

Should every wisdom tooth be extracted?

Wisdom teeth should be protected like other teeth in our mouth, but if  they damage other teeth, if they are inflamed or decayed, these teeth should be extracted.

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Are all wisdom teeth removed by surgical procedure?

The extraction of all wisdom teeth does not require surgical procedures, but wisdom teeth that are buried or semi-buried may require surgical extraction.

What are the things to be considered after wisdom tooth extraction?

You need to follow your doctor’s recommendations after wisdom tooth extraction.the tampon placed in the mouth should be removed  after half an hour.you  should not  shake, spit for that day. Tooth  extraction is done  under local anesthesia.therefore  you should not  eat until the numbness is gone. Also it  is necessary to stay away from things that will damage the wound site. Extraction you should pay attention to what your doctor says afterwards and you should not disrupt your routine check-ups.


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