What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the process of regaining the normal function of the tooth that has lost its function due to decay or trauma. It is the whole process of removing the damaged tissue in the tooth, removing the pulp (nerve) tissue in the tooth, removing the pulp (nerve) tissue in the tooth and purifying the tooth from bacteria and then filling the empty part with filling materials.

What are the conditions that require root canal treatment?

There are many conditions that require root canal treatment. Very advanced works with large caries, loss of vitality of the tooth as a result of trauma, infection at the root end of the tooth are the conditions that require root canal treatment. As a result of these reasons, the patient may experience severe pain, facial swelling, tooth discoloration. Root canal treatment should be performed in patients with these symptoms.

How is root canal treatment performed?

The priority during root canal treatment is to reach the nerve of the tooth. If the tooth is being treated with root canal treatment due to extensive decay, the decayed layer is first cleaned and the pulp (nerve) tissue of the tooth is reached. Then the pulp (nerve tissue) of the tooth is cleaned with special rotary instruments. The canal of the tooth is washed with disinfecting solutions. Thus, there is no infected tissue left in the tooth. then the filling part is started. first, the inside of the canal is filled with a special impermeable tissue. then the treatment is completed by filling the upper surface of the tooth.

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Is there pain during or after the treatment?

When root canal treatment is performed, it is worked under local anesthesia. Therefore, pain during treatment is not something to be expected. It is very normal to have a slight tingling in the tooth after the treatment is finished or in the interim sessions. This tingling decreases over time and passes completely. If you experience severe pain after treatment, you should consult your doctor.

How should root canal treated teeth be filled?

The restoration to be made on the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment is very important.teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are very fragile.for this reason, it is necessary to make a very strong and impermeable restoration on the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.if the loss of material on the tooth is not too much, restoration with composite filling will be sufficient. However, if there is too much material loss in the tooth, restoration with composite filling may cause fractures and cracks in the tooth in the future. For this reason, it is more appropriate to use veneers when restoring such teeth. Full ceramic porcelain, zirconium porcelain and metal substructured porcelain are used when restoring these teeth.

Can a tooth that has had root canal treatment be treated again?

Root canal treatment can be renewed in the event of a re-infection in the root of the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or in the event of a reoccurrence of pain caused by stubborn microorganisms in the tooth.


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