What Causes Toothache?

The cause of toothache occurs due to many reasons. Toothaches, which are generally tried to be relieved with painkillers, can cause bigger problems if the dentist is not visited. The pulp in the inner region of the tooth has a soft structure and the nerves in this pulp are very sensitive. When these nerves become infected with bacteria and infection, severe toothache occurs.
Decay and inflammation of the teeth are among the causes of toothache. The most common causes of toothache are as follows;
– Gum diseases
– Tooth decay conditions
– Abscesses caused by tooth decay
– Tooth enamel erosion problem
– Cracks in teeth and tooth fractures
– Damage to tooth filling
– Wisdom tooth pain
– Not paying attention to oral and dental health
The cause of toothache is tooth decay. However, in some cases, conditions such as cold and heat sensitivity can be seen in the teeth. If your tooth is sensitive, this can cause toothache. In addition to all these, teeth that have lost their normal tissue also have severe pain.
You can benefit from our Göktürk root canal treatment services for the solution of toothache.

How Does Toothache Go Away?

When toothache occurs, this pain can be relieved by doing some applications. However, the severity of the pain of the teeth largely determines your application to the dentist. Toothache is a very painful process and can be short-term or long-term depending on the problem in the tooth. In cases of short-term or long-term pain, you should definitely visit a dentist.
The main cause of toothache is usually tooth decay. The decay condition that occurs in the tooth reaches the nerves after a certain period of time and causes pain. For the solution of this toothache, first of all, the dentist should be examined and the necessary procedures should be performed. In addition to tooth decay, infections in the tooth cause toothache. The most effective method to eliminate toothache is to go to the dentist. The dentist, who learns the cause of the pain in the tooth, prepares a plan according to the treatment of the tooth and applies the treatment plan for the problem in the patient’s tooth in the best way.
How do we cure your toothache with our Göktürk root canal treatment services? The question can be answered as follows;
– In cases of carious toothache, the wastes that accumulate in the decayed parts of the tooth can be cleaned by brushing the tooth.
– Swelling may occur in a certain part of your jaw with the pain of your tooth. These swellings are reduced by cold compress application.
– When you gargle with warm salt water, your toothache may decrease.
– Using a pillow while lying down is a very important issue. Blood pressure moves to the head area while lying down and this exacerbates toothache. Therefore, we inform our patients about the correct lying position to prevent further aggravation of toothache.
Depending on the underlying cause of the toothache, the dentist decides on the most appropriate treatment method. You can get rid of toothache thanks to our Göktürk root canal treatment procedures.

What is good for a toothache that keeps you awake?

When toothache situations occur, it is very important to do the necessary research to answer the question of what is good for toothache in the best way. After identifying the problem, a general treatment plan can be prepared. If the pain does not go away despite trying various methods, this signals that it is time to see a dentist.
After determining the cause of the toothache, many different methods are tried. It is possible to use toothpastes due to the sensitivity of your teeth. If there are conditions such as gum recession, dentists can benefit from dentin sensitivity applications. In addition to the treatment method to be taken from the dentist, there are many procedures that can be applied at home. The most important of these is warm salt water mouthwash. At the same time, cleaning the gums gently with a toothbrush can give mild relief to toothache.
As Göktürk root canal treatment service, many methods are performed in our clinical center to relieve toothache. First, a general test of the problem is performed and treatment is started after the problem is detected. You can get rid of your toothache in a short time thanks to the painkillers and methods recommended by our dentists.

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How to Treat Toothache in Children?

The conditions that cause toothache in children are as follows;
– Tooth decay
– Infections in the gums
– Bacteria in the tooth root
– Problems with tooth filling
– Tooth cracking and fracture
Conditions such as toothache in children can be prevented. Especially consuming too much sugary and acidic foods is a negative situation for dental health. Acidic and sugary foods cause cavities in children’s teeth. Therefore, it is very important to keep children away from these foods. Children should be trained to clean their teeth and gain the habit of brushing their teeth. At the same time, children should be taught to clean between teeth with dental floss.
There are many reasons why toothache occurs in children. When a toothache occurs, the dentist should be consulted without wasting too much time. During a detailed examination, the dentist determines where the toothache is located, how long it has been going on and the severity of the pain. The dentist will ask for an X-ray to get a more accurate picture of the condition of the tooth. After the condition causing the toothache is determined, the appropriate treatment method is carried out.
Toothache in children can be relieved with medication, but misuse of the medication may cause a negative effect. Therefore, the recommended medication should be used in consultation with the dentist.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of the pulp, which becomes inflamed for various reasons. The causes of damage to the pulp are as follows;
– Deepening caries structure
– Cracked and fractured dentition
– Tooth impact situations
Göktürk Root canal treatment procedures are performed in the following cases;
– In cases where the tooth decay has progressed to the pulp
– Damage to the pulp means that the nerves in this area also die. Therefore, root canal treatment is applied in order not to lose the tooth.
– Swelling in the face and neck area
– Having a cracked tooth structure
– Cases of swollen gums
– Darkened gums condition
– Reflected toothache conditions
– Pain conditions that occur during chewing
Root canal treatment is performed according to certain stages. The stages of our Göktürk root canal treatment application are as follows;
– The process starts with drilling a hole in the back of the front tooth and the crown of the molars.
– After the damaged pulp is removed, the cavity and root canals are cleaned and the canal filling is shaped.
– Depending on the condition of the tooth, the application is spread over several sessions and a temporary filling is placed in the hole to protect the tooth.
– In the next session, the temporary filling is removed and the canal is filled permanently.
– A conical tipped material is inserted into the canals and bonded with adhesive.
– To achieve a natural tooth appearance, a crown is applied over the tooth.

Is There Any Harm in Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure performed to treat an infection in the root of the tooth. These procedures are performed for teeth that can be saved. After root canal treatment, filling is applied and the treatment method is continued. Root canal treatment, which is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, is not a painful method. The fact that it is not painful makes it stand out as a reliable application.
Root canal treatment is not a harmful procedure if it is performed properly under the control of a physician. At the same time, acting in accordance with the dentist’s instructions after the procedure greatly affects the success of this treatment. If the decay in the tooth is advanced and the filling treatment will not save this tooth, the dentist resorts to the canal treatment method. With this treatment method, the infection in the tooth is removed and does not recur again.
Root canal treatment is generally harmless, but risks may arise in some cases. These situations can generally be caused by mistakes made by the dentist in the process. In addition, not taking good oral care after treatment reduces the success rate of the application. You can benefit from our Göktürk root canal treatment applications to get information about these processes.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

During root canal treatment, the inflamed nerve tissue is cleaned. This nerve filling is the main source of pain. Some cells in the nerve tissue appear as throbbing and hot-cold pain in the tooth. During root canal treatment, local anesthesia methods are applied to disconnect the tooth from the nervous system. Thanks to the anesthetic substance, the nerve tissue becomes inactive for a certain period of time.
With a sufficient dose of anesthesia, there is no pain during root canal treatment. However, pain may be felt after root canal treatment depending on its degree. Especially a few days after the treatment, pressure on the tooth and sensitivity while eating may occur. In some cases, it is also possible to experience random pain.
If there is no decrease in the severity of the pain in the days after the treatment, you can visit the dentist. The dentist determines a treatment method by going to the source of the pain and performs the necessary procedure by sticking to this method to relieve the pain. After root canal treatment, there is no normalization around the tooth and bone in a short period of time. A certain period of time is needed for full healing to occur in the process after root canal treatment.
You can benefit from Göktürk root canal treatment services to get detailed information about this application.

Things to Consider When Having Root Canal Treatment

If the damage to the pulp is such that it cannot be healed, it is necessary to resort to root canal treatment methods. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the nerves in the damaged tooth and fill the empty space with dental filling. As a result of this process, the natural tooth structure is preserved. The situations we pay attention to while performing our Göktürk root canal treatment methods are as follows;
– Local anesthesia methods are applied to prevent pain during root canal treatment.
– Then, the tooth and pulp are cleaned and filling is performed in the cleaned area.
– With the effect of anesthesia, numbness occurs in the application area. Nothing should be eaten or drunk until this numbness passes.
– During root canal treatment sessions, there is a temporary filling in the mouth. Hard foods should not be consumed due to temporary filling.
– The process should not be left unfinished while root canal treatment continues. When the treatment is not completed, the unfinished tooth may need to be extracted after a while.
– In root canal treatment processes, situations such as pain and pain are not felt.
– There may be swelling in the treated area after the treatment. If the medicines recommended by the dentist are used, this situation will disappear.


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