Laminate (Sheet) Ceramics

Laminate ceramic, also known as leaf tooth coating, is among the most preferred aesthetic dental treatment applications. This treatment method is used in cases such as discoloration, crowding, fractures and tooth loss. These problems that negatively affect the smile of the person are completely eliminated thanks to laminate ceramic procedures.
With laminate dental treatment, a small amount of tooth tissue is removed from the front surface of the teeth. On average, 1-2 mm thick porcelain is adhered to the tooth surface. Aesthetic results are obtained in this type of treatment method. Leaf porcelains have a thin structure and easily transmit light. As a result of this process, a natural tooth appearance occurs.
Two different materials are used in this dental veneer treatment. These are; porcelain and composite materials. While composite coating is used to close the gaps between the teeth and to solve crowding problems, porcelain leaf ceramic is used in treatment methods that require an aesthetic appearance and detailed treatment.
Göktürk laminate treatment is carried out as follows;
– Before laminate leaf ceramic application, the patient undergoes a dental examination.
– During this examination and preparation phase, the dentist determines the patient’s needs and creates a treatment plan.
– In the first stage, the front circumference of the teeth is shaped and the front side of the teeth is made ready for the coating.
– During the treatment, the tooth area is numbed and the patient does not feel pain.
– After a general preparation for the front side of the tooth, special molds are prepared.
– With these molds pressed against the patient’s teeth, the teeth are measured and the size of the teeth is determined.
– In laminate ceramic veneers, veneer formation takes place within a week.
– Temporary filling is applied according to the patient’s needs.
– Since laminate dental treatment involves very sensitive procedures, work is carried out with the utmost care. It is very important that the physician is experienced in this dental treatment.
– In the last stage, leaf porcelain teeth are placed on the patient’s teeth and the process is completed within a total of 10 days.
Laminate ceramic dental treatment is completed in an average of 2 sessions if no additional intervention is required. After this treatment, the patient can use the leaf teeth without any problems. The end of the entire treatment period covers a period of approximately 1 month. However, session duration and procedures vary from patient to patient. At the same time, the duration may be longer depending on the scope of the procedure.
Göktürk laminate treatment services stand out as personalized procedures. It is not possible to talk about a clear figure regarding the prices of this application. This is because the treatment is done individually and many procedures are applied in the process. In addition, laminate ceramic dental treatment prices are generally more expensive than other coating methods. Special materials are used in this treatment and there are special technical knowledge processes.



In Which Situations Is Laminate Treatment Performed? Who Can Benefit?

Göktürk laminate treatment method is performed in the following cases;
– It is applied in cases of tooth curvatures and crowding that do not require orthodontic treatment.
– It is performed in cases where there is a gap in the front teeth and whitening does not work.
– It is applied in cases where tooth color darkens due to aging.
– It is performed in cases of discoloration, antibiotic stains and tetracycline stains that occur after endodontic treatment.
– It is applied in tooth filling with impaired harmony and abraded tooth structure.
– It is performed on teeth that have yellowed and lost substance due to age. At the same time, laminate treatment methods are performed to have a more aesthetic appearance on the teeth.
– This application is applied for reasons such as cracks, fractures and decay in the teeth.
– Laminate leaf ceramic application is used in patients who want to redesign their smile.
– It is done in cases of tooth fracture in the front teeth.
– It is applied to people with gaps in their front teeth.
– It is done in cases where the palate is seen too much at the moment of smiling.
Those who will benefit from Göktürk laminate treatment to maintain dental health;
– This application is generally performed to eliminate aesthetic problems that occur in the front teeth for many reasons.
– Laminate method is used in the treatment of color changes in the teeth that occur for different reasons and cannot be removed.
– This treatment method is applied for tooth alignment disorders, crowding problems, closing the gaps of the teeth in the anterior region, problems due to abrasion, lengthening the short tooth structure and enamel tissue disorders.
– It is performed to remove the unhealthy filling on the front surface of the teeth.
– Those who experience tooth fracture and loss of incisiveness of the teeth benefit from this treatment.
– People who cannot reach the desired whiteness due to discoloration apply to this method.
– Those who have broken teeth due to impacts and bumps benefit from this treatment.
– You can benefit from Göktürk laminate services to remove this image due to the bad appearance of metal alloy fillings.
Laminate treatment is not applied to whom;
– Laminate treatment is not applied to everyone who has discoloration and deformation problems in their teeth. In some cases, laminate treatment is not utilized.
– This treatment method is not applied in cases where the lower jaw is more prominent. If it is applied, the bite problem in the jaw does not improve.
– Those who experience excessive teeth clenching in daily life or during sleep cannot benefit from this treatment method.
– In some cases, orthodontic disorders cannot be corrected with laminate treatment. The most important reason for this is that these disorders are advanced. Especially people whose tooth alignment is severely distorted cannot use this treatment.
– Those with white, gray lines and dots on the teeth and patients with advanced fluorosis cannot undergo this treatment.
– Dental caries and fractures caused by impact do not provide a sufficient area for leaf porcelain application. Therefore, laminate treatment method is not applied for those with this problem.
– In addition to these, laminate dental treatment is not applied to people with weak enamel structure.

What are the Advantages of Laminate?

The advantages of Göktürk laminate treatment are as follows;
– It is possible to feel the naturalness of your own tooth with leaf dental treatment.
– It makes an abrasion of exactly 0.3-0.7 mm on the tooth surface and therefore shows a protective feature.
– Compatibility with gums is at a high level.
– Ensuring the hygiene of the mouth is easier and simpler in laminate dental treatment.
– For teeth that are not satisfied with their aesthetic appearance, a copy is created and a 3D leaf tooth coating is obtained before the teeth are cut with patient-specific designs. Thus, it is possible to know in advance what kind of appearance will emerge after the veneer. These veneers can be in the shape, size and color you desire.
– In this treatment with minimum abrasion method, there is a small loss of the enamel layer. These losses are very important in protecting the tooth.
– It ensures the protection of the natural tooth and makes it possible to see the teeth in a natural way.
– The fact that it has a light-permeable structure allows it to reflect the natural tooth appearance.
– There are no situations such as abrasion on the back surfaces of the teeth and therefore there is no difficulty in chewing function.
– Coffee, tea and similar drinks do not affect tooth color.
– The adaptation period to this dental treatment is very short and offers a comfortable use.
– This coating does not separate from the tooth surface to which it adheres. The fact that it has a very robust structure makes laminate treatments preferred.
– It resists chewing pressures and abrasion caused by the pressure of the tooth.
– It minimizes tartar formation and thus helps to protect gum health.
– This dental veneer is very similar to natural teeth in terms of color and transparency. When an image close to the tooth color is selected, a natural tooth appearance is obtained.
– It is made of durable material and has a solid structure.
– Anesthesia is applied during treatment and therefore completely painless procedures.
– This application, which takes 2-3 sessions, is completed in an average of 10 days. At the end of 10 days, you can have new teeth.
For detailed information about this dental treatment, you can contact Göktürk laminate services and make an appointment.


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What are the Disadvantages of Laminate?

There is no harm other than the front tooth surface abrasion process performed in laminate tooth treatment. However, some disadvantages stand out in the treatment plan. The following can be said about the disadvantages of Göktürk laminate dental treatment;
– Laminate dental treatment is one of the procedures that require clinical work. In addition, quality coatings and works are produced by going through a meticulous process in the laboratory environment.
– These veneers need to be carefully and carefully protected so that the adhesive is strong and resistant to abrasion. Consumption of hard-shelled foods should be avoided, especially after leaf ceramic dental treatment. As soon as the patient realizes that he/she clenches his/her teeth at night, he/she should use the night plate material. Regular oral and dental care ensures that these processes are permanent. Teeth should be brushed regularly and special attention should be paid to the use of dental floss. At 6-month intervals, the dentist should be checked. Thanks to the best implementation of these processes, it is possible to protect dental veneers.
– It is very important to tell the dentist about teeth clenching and grinding habits.
– After the end of this application, sensitivity to hot and cold foods may occur. This is quite natural and is a reversible sensitivity process.
– When fractures and cracks occur after laminate dental treatment, it is impossible to repair them.
– Teeth whitening is not done with this treatment. Those who want to have a white tooth should benefit from teeth whitening before treatment.
– It does not provide any protection against tooth decay.
– Laminate dental treatment procedures are not performed before these treatments are performed for people with tooth decay, tartar and gum problems.
– It is not possible to benefit from this application in the treatment of deep caries and fractures caused by impact.
– Situations such as clenching teeth can cause damage to the laminate. Laminate dental treatment methods are not applied for the treatment of people with such problems.

If you are thinking of getting detailed information for laminate dental treatment, you can benefit from Kemerburgaz laminate and Göktürk laminate services. 

Is Laminate Treatment Painful?

Local anesthesia is generally applied in dental treatment processes. In laminate leaf ceramic treatment, the application area is numbed with anesthesia. Little or no pain is usually felt during this procedure. Those who feel pain are usually patients with a low pain threshold. The numbing of the area eliminates the feeling of pain and pain during treatment.
There is no pain sensation after laminate tooth treatment. However, the presence or absence of this pain is related to the techniques and methods applied by the dentist. If the dentist has carried out a correct treatment process, the patient does not feel pain in the days after the treatment. However, if the treatment is not performed well, the patient may experience a little pain in the treated area.
This is the main reason why pain and soreness are rarely seen. However, poor oral care after treatment can also cause pain. The success of this whole process depends on both the dentist and the patient. Thanks to Göktürk laminate treatment services, it is possible to successfully pass the process without feeling any pain after the procedure.


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