How is teeth whitening applied?

Teeth whitening is applied in two ways. The first of these is office-type whitening applied by the physician in a clinical environment, and the other is home-type whitening applied by the patient at home with transparent plaques and whitening gels.

How is office whitening applied?

Office type whitening is a form of whitening applied to the patient by the physician in a clinical environment.Before the whitening process, the patient is treated with scaling and polishing (polishing).Then, the gums are covered with a protective barrier to prevent the gums from being damaged by the bleaching agent.Hydrogen peroxide-containing bleaching agent is applied on the teeth and waited for 15 minutes. Then the bleaching agent and the protective barrier are cleaned from the tooth. This process is applied for 2 or 3 sessions. In determining the number of sessions, the discolouration of the patient’s teeth and the rate of lightening in the tooth colour after the sessions should be effective. Between the sessions, the patient is asked to stay away from colouring foods such as tea and cigarettes and to minimise smoking.

How is home bleaching done?

In home-type bleaching, the patient is the method of applying the bleaching agent at home with specially made plaques. Firstly, measurements are taken from the patient and patient-specific plaques are prepared. The bleaching agent used here is carbamide peroxide with a lower percentage. The bleaching agent and plaques are given to the patient and how to use it is explained to the patient. There are two different application methods. The patient can apply it twice a day for two weeks or one or two weeks only at night while sleeping.

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How much tooth colour lightens after bleaching?

It is not correct to use a precise statement about how much the tooth colour will lighten, because it may vary due to various factors.
For example: How is the colouration of the patient’s teeth or how white the patient wants his teeth. Although these factors have an effect on how much the colour of the teeth will lighten, it is possible to say that we will generally get 2-3 tones of lightening.

Conditions to be considered after bleaching?

During and after the interim sessions of the teeth whitening process, colouring foods should be avoided and smoking should be reduced considerably. Acidic foods should not be consumed. It is very normal to have a little sensitivity for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Very hot and very cold foods and drinks should not be consumed and tooth brushing with fluoride toothpastes should be preferred.

Is teeth whitening a permanent procedure?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. Teeth begin to return to their old colour over time. This period is approximately 6 months to 1 year. However, this period can be extended slightly by paying attention to the warnings of the physician. In addition, after 6 months, the whitening process can be supported by 1 or 2 sessions under the control of the physician.

Is tooth whitening a harmful procedure?

The whitening process performed under the control of the dentist does not cause any harm to the teeth. However, whitening procedures performed with uncontrolled natural or unnatural methods can cause a lot of harm. Therefore, do not use any whitening agent without consulting your dentist.

In which cases is tooth whitening not appropriate?

Teeth whitening is applied to a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. For this reason, bleaching is not applied to individuals with tooth fractures, tooth decay or gum disease. In addition, bleaching is not applied to people with tooth sensitivity problems and worn teeth. If porcelain crowns have been applied to the patient’s teeth, bleaching is not applied to such people because bleaching agents do not cause discolouration on porcelain.


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