Bone Powder Treatment – Sinus Lifting

Bone powder treatment is very important for implantation in patients with osteoporosis. For this reason, we have prepared this article for patients who are considering implantation but have a reduction in their palate.


You know that oral and dental health is very important. In fact, many people regret not paying attention to their oral and dental health on time. We always emphasize the importance of regular dental check-ups so that you do not experience this regret.


Bone powder treatment is also a treatment applied to people who do not value their teeth on time. And for this reason, if you want to have implant treatment without the need for this type of treatment, be sure to take care of them. Now if you are ready, let’s talk about the details about this subject.

What is Bone Powder Treatment?

Bone powder treatment is a treatment applied before implant treatment. This treatment is mandatory in many cases. Implant is the only solution for permanent tooth loss. However, a suitable environment is also essential for implant treatment. If there is a reduction in the palate, this treatment should be done before the implant.


Although this seems like a rare problem, many people face this problem. Bone powder is used to create bone volume. The material of the bone powder may be synthetic bone powder. In some cases, bone volume can be increased by using platelets and the richest plasma.

How Many CC of Bone Is a Sinus Lift?

If a tooth is extracted in the upper jaw, the sinus cavity can be opened here. This is especially common in people with very large tooth roots. When the sinus cavity is opened, air leaks from the area where the tooth was extracted. This also affects breathing.


If people with thin sinus bone in the upper jaw want to have implants in the upper jaw later, bone powder treatment will be the only solution for this. So, with how many cc is the sinus area ready for the implant? Usually, an average of 1.5 CC is sufficient to form bone in the sinus cavity. After the treatments applied in this way, it is possible to implant the upper jaw. However, this treatment is essential.

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How Long Does It Take a Bone Graft in a Sinus Lift to Heal?

If you do not do the necessary oral and dental care, it may be inevitable to lose your teeth. When you lose your teeth, the only solution will be an implant. The toothless appearance in the mouth at a young age does not both look beautiful and negatively affects your jaw health. For this reason, people who have lost their teeth permanently turn to implant treatment. However, implant treatment is not suitable for every palate structure. But it is possible to make the palate structure suitable for implant treatment.

You know that in implant treatments, screws are placed on the palate. In other words, enough palate is required, and the palate structure in the areas of permanently lost teeth can melt and shrink over time. It is also possible to make these areas suitable for implants with bone powder treatment. Many people wonder how the healing process is after bone treatment. Because after this treatment responds, implant treatment is started. Although it varies from person to person, the implant area will heal in 2 weeks to 3 weeks after treatment.

Guided Bone Regeneration – GBR


Now, let us talk about bone powder treatment methods. You know that the first of these techniques is directed bone regeneration. This is the method applied when more bone is needed in the areas where the implant is desired to be placed. In this method, our goal is usually to reach sufficient thickness of the bone.


That is, to obtain an additional bone. Then, new tissues are formed thanks to the bone powders placed in the area where we want this bone to form, and the protective membrane placed on these bone powders. If the condition of the person is suitable, it is also possible to place an implant immediately afterwards.


As in many treatments, it is best for the dentist to decide on the method to be applied in this treatment. Many people prefer this method because the implants can be placed immediately. But this is a decision that the dentist must make.

Sinus Lifting

Sinus lifting is also a bone powder treatment method. This is a method that we usually apply for missing teeth in the upper jaw and posterior region. When there is not enough bone for the implant in the areas of the upper jaw and posterior region, we apply the sinus lifting method. With this technique, we place bone powder in the upper jaw area within the jawbone. And with this, we provide new bone formation.


Our aim here is to obtain new bone that is suitable for the size of the dental implants we plan to place and that is strong. Usually, we open a window in the side wall of the palate. And we put bone dust inside this window. It may be possible to place the implants immediately afterward, although this is less likely than the guided bone regeneration method. After the recovery period, new tissues based on very strong chewing movements are formed. And the patient’s quality of life is greatly improved. That is all we have to say about bone powder treatment. We hope you found our article useful.


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