All on 6 Treatment

In patients without all upper or lower teeth, the treatment method in which all the teeth in the jaw are made on top of 6 implants is called all on six treatment. In this treatment, 6 implants in the upper jaw and 6 in the lower jaw in patients who do not have any lower and upper teeth  can be placed in a total of 12 implants  . There is a requirement of 6 implants per jaw.

What are the advantages of the All on 6 treatment?

-Long service life. It is especially recommended for young patients.

-Easy to use because fixed and non-dislodged teeth are made.

-Lost teeth are replaced.

-Aesthetically smile design can be made.

-The patient gains all the functions he has lost.

-The patient gains the speech skills he has lost.

-It is a treatment method with proven long-term success.

-It is easy for patients to get used to and use.

-Easy to clean.

-It allows patients to have teeth in the color and form they wish.

How many implants are used in all on six treatment?

6 implants are used for each jaw. 6 implants are required for the lower jaw and 6 for the upper jaw. If the patient has lost teeth in only one jaw, only that jaw can be treated. Teeth compatible with the existing teeth of the patient who has teeth in the opposite jaw can be made.

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Is the All on six treatment a painful process?

In all on six treatment, during the placement of the implants, complete numbness is achieved in the area related to local anesthesia and this numbness is sufficient for the patient to feel nothing. We also have the option to carry out the treatment by putting it to sleep (under sedation and general anesthesia).

How long does it take to treat all on six?

The treatment application is two-step. In the first and second visits, 7 days are needed. There should be an average of 3 months between the first visit and the second visit.

What is the Difference Between All On Six Implant Application and Normal Implant Application?

When we look at the difference between  all on four/six implant and normal implant; All on four/six implants areplaced at a greater angle to the jaw than norma l implants. For this reason, they can get more support from thebone. However, they can carry the load that 8 implants can carry with 4 or 6 implants.


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