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Do you think you know enough about aesthetic dental fillings? If you do not know, do not worry. Because in this article we will give you information about these fillings. Oral and dental health is very important. And at the same time, there are other issues to be considered regarding oral and dental health. For example, people should go to a dental examination regularly. Because some dental problems may not show any symptoms. And problems that progress without symptoms can lead to permanent tooth loss. The only way to prevent this is to go to regular dental check-ups. In this way, permanent tooth loss can be prevented.

Of course, it is also very important to brush and floss regularly. Because this prevents the accumulation of plaque on the teeth and protects the teeth from the bacteria in the plaque. There are also some dental procedures. One of these procedures is aesthetic dental fillings. In this article, we will give you very detailed information about this procedure. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What Is Aesthetic Dental Filling?

This is one of the most common questions we get about aesthetic dental fillings. Let us give you the answer to this question. Aesthetic filling is a type of filling made of materials that provide an extremely natural appearance in teeth. You may also hear this filling as composite filling. The most important feature of these fillings is that they can be adjusted according to the tooth color of the patients. This is what makes these fillings aesthetic.

Because it is very difficult to distinguish these fillings from natural tooth enamel. With this application, we make your teeth and smiles more beautiful. Because the material we use is quite suitable for this purpose. As a result of this process, you can have extremely natural-looking teeth and beautiful smiles.

You know that when people’s teeth decay, we scrape them out of the teeth. And this causes some cavities to form in the teeth. We can fill these gaps with aesthetic fillings. This also does not look like fillings, crown fillings. Since it is tooth-colored, it gives you a very natural and good appearance. This makes composite fillings stand out among many different filling materials.

This is the type of filling that has become the most popular in recent years. Aesthetic dental fillings have surpassed other filling materials with their natural appearance, durability, and customizability.

How Long Does Composite Teeth Filling Last?

Of course, people also wonder about the longevity of aesthetic dental fillings. For this reason, this is a very frequently asked and researched point. The materials we use in aesthetic fillings are quite durable. In other words, this shows that these materials have a very long service life. Of course, patients should continue their oral care after such procedures. Just as you brush your own teeth, you should also brush the filled areas.

If you pay attention to these cares, it is very unlikely that the filling will deform. At the same time, if these maintenances are carried out, problems such as cracking in the filling are not uncommon. You should go for dental check-ups at least twice a year anyway. If your filling has worn and tear, your dentist will warn you about this. Because it is important that these types of fillings are regularly reviewed by a dentist.

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How is the Aesthetic Dental Filling Procedure Performed?

Now let us tell you how aesthetic dental fillings are applied. You know that this is a very important point. Because many people want to have information about how it is done before having this procedure. We will satisfy your curiosity about this subject. This process takes place in only one session. If you are considering this procedure, you should not worry.

Before starting the operation, we numb the area with local anesthesia. Then we clean the caries on the tooth, if any. If there are no cavities on the teeth, we clean the teeth. We then shape the dental filling to ensure better adhesion to the teeth. After beveling, the tooth texture combination is completely provided.

After the bonding process, the operation ends. But of course, this filler also needs to dry. That’s why we use beams until we get the desired hardness. The final step of the process is polishing the filling. This process is not a disturbing process for the patient. On the contrary, the patient is very comfortable during the procedure.

Do Aesthetic Dental Fillings Fall Off?

The question of do aesthetic dental fillings fall off is one of the questions we receive the most. Here, our eyes turn to the dentist of your choice. Because it is almost impossible for a filling that has been applied correctly to fall off. We perform some operations to ensure that the filling material adheres to the tooth.

When these operations are done correctly, the filling does not fall. If your filling falls out, contact your dentist immediately. Because this is something that shouldn’t happen, especially in the first place. If your preferred dentist is good, they will make repairs to your satisfaction. That is all we will say on this subject. You can contact us for more information.


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